Replace mineral oils easily and extend service life with Klübersynth G 4-220

Innovations in gear design technology drive a demand for higher performing lubricants. Klüber Lubrication has a solution that answers the tougher requirements while offering you affordability and high-quality results: Klübersynth G 4-220.

The new oil has good flowability, making it flexible to use in a variety of gear boxes throughout processes and in many industries. It is miscible with mineral oils, so transitioning to this higher-quality, inexpensive oil is simple - no need to flush systems and pause operations.

Klübersynth G 4-220 offers a much longer service life than mineral oils due to its excellent ageing and resistance to oxidation. The oil’s low-foaming tendency and anti-corrosive properties lead to problem-free gear operation. Your service intervals can be extended and your maintenance costs lowered.

When switching to Klübersynth G 4-220 from mineral oils, you benefit from:

  • Excellent anticorrosion and anti-wear properties
  • Exceptional service at low temperatures
  • Great high temperature capability (140 degrees Celsius)
  • Sufficient scuffing protection
  • Good compatibility where elastomers is a concern
  • Improved gear operational efficiency

Klübersynth G 4-220 is price competitive to mineral oils but offers a longer service life, helping you save costs easily and efficiently. Contact Brett Gervais, Business Development Manager for Klüber Lubrication at with product questions and recommendations.

Partnering with Klüber Lubrication to select the proper lubricant for your specific application conditions will extend gear component life, improve energy efficiency, and reduce overall maintenance costs. Schedule your personal consultation to design a personalized product plan tailored for your operation.

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