Protect your open gears and eliminate manual cleaning with Klübersustain EZ 2-46

Whether in the mining, cement or pulp/paper industry, large open gears are a critical part of your operation. But keeping them clean is no easy task. You need a lubricant that does the work for you. Enter Klübersustain EZ 2-46.

Engineered specifically for large open gears, Klübersustain EZ 2-46 stands apart from the competition with excellent lubricant cleaning and load-carrying capabilities that enable it to work during operation and effectively eliminate the need for manual cleaning. Unplanned downtime costs you every minute you’re not producing and the manual cleaning of your open gears is both time consuming and risky. We believe you deserve better and we’ve designed Klübersustain EZ 2-46 to give you that better option. You can expect: 

  • 1-2 hour cleaning for non-destructive testing (NDT) of the gear mesh, tooth roots, and even the gear guard
  • Gear protection from scuffs and damage
  • No more dangerous and time consuming manual-cleaning procedures
  • Cost savings due to reduced downtime for maintenance
  • Improved sustainability thanks to an eco-friendly formulation made from more than 70% renewable raw materials
  • Easy application through the inspection door of the gear guard with a pump and sprayer

Most available cleaning products on the market are based on low viscosity solvents to remove the lubricant. While these types of products do clean the gears effectively, there is a risk of creating wear on the tooth flanks. Klübersustain EZ 2-46 is based on a lubricating oil with high solvency to remove open gear lubricants from the tooth flanks during the last hour of operation. It was designed with wear protection as the top priority.

Klüber Lubrication has also partnered with Graco to design a pump/sprayer specifically for the Klübersustain EZ 2-46 procedure.

The bottom line is that Klübersustain EZ 2-46 was designed to make life easier by saving your operation time and money. To learn more about the many benefits Klübersustain EZ 2-46 or to get guidance for proper application, contact Warren Emmons at for more information.

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