Protect your hydraulic system with Klüberoil SUH 1-32 US

Formulated specifically for hydraulic systems, Klüberoil SUH 1-32 US stands up to the tough demands of your operations. It’s designed as a premium ashless oil, meeting the full requirements of all types of hydraulic systems.

For more than 90 years, Klüber Lubrication has been meeting growing demands in operations by manufacturing efficient high-performance lubricants. Klüberoil SUH 1-32 US is no different. As a premium hydraulic oil, Klüberoil SUH 1-32 US is formulated to keep your system cleaner while maximizing corrosion protection.

When you switch to Klüberoil SUH 1-32 US oil, you benefit from:

  • compatibility with the most seal materials used in hydraulic systems
  • excellent ageing and oxidation resistance
  • consistent availability
  • cleanliness

Klüberoil SUH 1-32 US keeps your hydraulic system cleaner. The premium hydraulic oil has excellent corrosion protection and is very resistant to ageing and oxidation. This combination offers protection from rust, wear, and the formation of sludge to extend the life of your hydraulic system components.

Klüberoil SUH 1-32 US oil is miscible with other mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids. But mixing premium-grade Klüberoil SUH 1-32 US with residual quantities of previous inferior oils can reduce its optimum performance. A cleaner/flushing product can be recommended. Klüber Lubrication’s solution - Klüberplus Z 03-30 US – ensures your hydraulic system operates at top performance when switching to Klüberoil SUH 1-32 US.

Save costs easily and efficiently with competitively-priced Klüberoil SUH 1-32 US while your hydraulic system stays cleaner and protected. 

Partnering with Klüber Lubrication to select the right lubricant will extend component life, improve energy efficiency, and reduce overall maintenance costs. Schedule your personal consultation to design a personalized product plan tailored for your operations. 

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