Protect your equipment and the environment with the all-new Klüberbio LM 2 series

From the Arctic Circle to the equator, finding a hydraulic oil that gets the job done and meets the requirements of Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL) is no easy task. But not anymore.

Introducing the all-new Klüberbio LM 2 series.

Engineered specifically for applications in and around the water, the Klüberbio LM 2 series represents the pinnacle of modern technology – combining biodegradability with the performance of a fully synthetic lubricant to create an all-new, truly premium product. For too long you’ve had to put up with dated, inferior lubricants that failed to meet EPA regulations – leaving you exposed to shipping delays and fees. Modern equipment requires a modern lubricant. We’ve designed the Klüberbio LM-2 series to perform without compromise and cut through the red tape. You can expect:

  • EAL compatibility (as defined in Appendix A of the EPA 2013 VGP)
  • To meet or exceed HEES hydraulic oil specifications according to ISO 15380
  • A fully synthetic and saturated ester with great stability in the presence of water
  • Lower pour point that facilitate easy start-up of hydraulic systems even at very low temperatures
  • Superior viscosity-temperature behavior (can therefore be used in hydraulic systems with high temperature fluctuations)
  • Improved seal integrity and wear protection that meets gear oil performance (Klüberbio LM 2-32 and 46 oils achieve FLS >= 12 in the FZG scuffing test, DIN ISO 14635-1, A/8.3/90)
  • Cost savings due to reduced downtime and longer lubricant lifetime
  • Superior oxidation stability, leading to extended service life 
  • Available in three viscosities (LM 2-22, LM 2-32 LM 2-46)

And, while other eco-friendly lubricants on the market use vegetable or polyglycol based lubricants to meet EAL standards, the Klüberbio LM 2 series uses hydraulic fluids based on synthetic ester oils to achieve superior biodegradability and premium performance. So it’s good for the equipment, and better for the environment.

To learn more about the Klüberbio LM 2 series, or to discuss which viscosity is best for you, contact Jestin Hulegaard at

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