Protect your CV joints with Klüberlub HE 71-281

Different vehicle components run at different temperatures, under different loads and at different speeds. This is why there isn’t one grease for everything. Automotive manufacturers focused on engineering and quality will choose the right lube for the right applications and not settle for a generic, “black box” solution. At Klüber Lubrication, we understand this, so we’ve developed Klüberlub HE 71-281 specifically for use in vehicles’ constant velocity (CV) joints.

CV joints are what transfer power to a vehicle’s wheels. Friction in CV joints can lower efficiency and cause excessive heat, vibration, noise and premature wear. The special low-friction additives in Klüberlub HE 71-281 minimize this friction resistance and boost CV joint efficiency. The combination of mineral and synthetic oil components, combined with a polyurea thickener, in this grease also enables operation at elevated temperatures. Klüberlub HE 71-281 has a good oil bleed, which means it releases oil at a controlled rate so oil doesn’t migrate to where you don’t want it. You also have the added benefit of Klüberlub HE 71-281 being compatible with many typical CV joint boot elastomers, which is a problem that plagues other CV joint grease alternatives. 

Your benefits at a glance:

  • reduced friction resistance 
  • optimized efficiency due to a special low-friction additive
  • reduced temperature in the joint
  • long component life due to improved wear behavior
  • reliable operation due to high thermal resistance - short-term peaks up to 160°C

Stop relying on a one-size-fits-all grease and take your whole system into consideration. Choosing the right lubrication for your automotive operations leads to customer satisfaction, which then results in loyalty and repeat business. Klüberlub HE 71-281 is just one of our many specialized automotive lubricants. Quality lubricants designed for specific automotive applications provide the value of being the best product with the best results – this value is then passed down to your customer. 

When you buy a Klüber Lubrication grease, you are investing in a technical partner, and in first-time quality. We stand by our products because we’ve tested them thoroughly. Get in touch with Stazi Sarigiannis at to learn about our full line of specialized automotive lubricants. 

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