Online shop for specialty lubricants from Klüber Lubrication

Karsten Brümmer is Head of Materials Management at the Darguner brewery. He is among other things responsible for maintenance and repair of the brewing and filling lines.

Online shop for specialty lubricants from Klüber Lubrication

For many years he has been purchasing specialty lubricants from Klüber Lubrication - to a great extent via the new online shop. We asked him how he feels about the shift away from the personal contact to digital interaction and whether it helps free up time.


Mr. Brümmer, you have been using our online shop very actively right from the beginning. What are the features you like best?

Firstly, the shop's design is very clear and self-explanatory.  What I like most are the certificates and data sheets for all the lubricants. Thus, the latest document is always at hand. What helps also is that all the articles we have already purchased are listed under "My Products"  and can quickly and easily be re-ordered with just a few clicks.


What are the benefits for you?

An important benefit of the online shop is that I save time when ordering lubricants. The overview of the orders placed is also a very important feature. When I am on holiday or sick leave, the colleague deputising me will see at once whether something has been ordered, and what it is. Ordering twice by mistake and unnecessary costs are avoided.


Do you place all of your orders online?

Yes, most of the orders are handled online. Only if something is needed very quickly we pick up the phone and ask for immediate handling and dispatch.


Did you encourage your colleagues from the purchasing department to do likewise?

According to our internal procedure, all colleagues order via the online shop to ensure that the current status of an order can be checked any time.


We have made an effort to keep navigation as intuitive as possible. Did we succeed?

The navigation in the shop actually is designed in a very clear and self-explanatory way. My colleagues and I never have any problem with navigation. That's one of the reasons why my colleagues did not hesitate long to use the online shop.


In which cases are you still seeking the personal advice from our Customer Service staff?

We need your personal advice when we have a problem and do not know which of your products is the most suitable one to solve it. Also, when we switch from products from other manufacturers to Klüber Lubrication, we consult the expertise of the Customer Service.


Is the Darguner brewery active in online business?

Darguner Brauerei GmbH is not yet active in online business. But it should be only a question of time before we take this step.


What else could we improve? What other features would you like to use?

I am happy with everything we have tested so far. The shop leaves nothing to be desired. Should we need further features in the future, we can inform the Support any time. For me the transition was so easy because all the features for easy and quick online ordering were available.


Online banking, online shopping, etc. – are you using these options in your private life?

Indeed, I switched to online here too. I save plenty of time which I am using for the much-neglected nice things in life.


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