New Turbine Oil Solves Tough Hydropower Challenges

Klüberoil EE 1-46 increases efficiency and improves sustainability in hydroelectric power stations.

Hydroelectric power station operators are under increasing pressure to generate energy as efficiently and profitably as possible. There are few affordable options to manage cost pressure, sustainability goals, market influences, and environmental and renaturalization measures. It often takes expensive reconstruction or new technology. But it doesn’t have to. When it comes to efficiency, seemingly small solutions can make a big impact.

New Klüberoil EE 1-46 is a turbine and generator oil designed to boost efficiency and sustainability in hydroelectric power stations—without construction modifications or through-the-roof investments. It reduces friction in generator plain bearings, which improves overall hydropower performance.

To solve your toughest lubrication challenges, Klüberoil EE 1-46 was specially formulated in collaboration with a leading manufacturer of electric systems for hydropower plants. With this kind of expert engineering, the performance benefits are simply astounding:

  • High system and energy efficiency over a wide temperature range thanks to lower losses in plain bearings
  • Uninterrupted operation ensured by low-foaming tendency and high oxidation stability
  • Good compatibility with plain bearing materials because of the thoughtfully designed additive system
  • Reduced maintenance costs due to an advanced formulation that extends oil change intervals and component life

Klüberoil EE 1-46 meets DIN 51515-2 requirements and optimizes the efficiency of both existing and new installations. Plus, its compatibility with oils based on mineral oil, synthetic hydrocarbon and ester makes switching to Klüberoil EE 1-46 easy.

This sustainable lubricating oil is a debut product in a new, innovative series that joins our high-performance lubrication portfolio for hydroelectric power stations. It can be used for oil-lubricated turbines and generators in:

  • Run-of-river power stations
  • Storage power stations
  • Pumped storage power plants

Solving your toughest hydropower challenges requires a knowledgeable partner who deeply understands your concerns and provides effective solutions. Learn more about energy-efficient Klüberoil EE 1-46 and the ways Klüber Lubrication can propel your plant performance.

Read our brochure for deeper product details and benefits.

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