New general purpose deck grease makes Klüber Lubrication your all-in-one partner for ATB systems

Seasoned marine operators know the risks when critical components are not properly lubricated: shortened equipment life, repairs, corrosion issues. Proper lubrication begins with the right product. Knowing your equipment’s operating conditions is key to understanding your lubricant needs. Is your equipment challenged by high loads and frequent contact with water? Choosing the right lubricant determined by your application’s specific conditions can help you avoid costly interruptions to your operations.

Klüber Lubrication is a veteran of the marine lubricant industry. For ATB systems, we have offered a high-performance, eco-compatible grease that has been successfully used by vessels for over 5 years now. This grease is specially designed for the extreme conditions that some ATB systems face day in, day out. We are now introducing an additional grease capable for use in ATB systems and general-purpose deck applications.

With the addition of this new biodegradable general deck grease to the lubricant portfolio, Klüber Lubrication is your all-in-one partner for ATB operations. Here’s a quick guide to help you:

Klüberbio AM 12-501:
This premium biodegradable, adhesive EAL grease is the industry standard for when your needs require a high-performing lubricant that stands up to extreme conditions. Klüberbio AM 12-501 exceeds ATB coupling system OEM specifications.

  • An aluminum complex thickener demonstrates superior adhesion and high-water washout resistance
  • A fully-synthetic ester base-oil leads to high performance with biodegradability
  • Selected additives reduce wear
  • Meets the challenge of heavy loads
  • Specially designed for stability in automatic lubrication systems
  • Developed and produced in the USA

Klüberbio BM 42-102: *New to market 2021*

Our newest offering to the US Marine Market. Designed to efficiently lubricate in a variety of moderate conditions, this general-purpose deck grease meets OEM specifications, is a lithium-based grease, and can be used in multiple applications.

  • Suitable for moderate conditions
  • Fully synthetic biodegradable ester base-oil offers high resistance to oxidation and good temperature performance
  • Lithium thickener compatible with non-EAL deck greases
  • Allows the opportunity to consolidate multiple products into a single grease
  • Developed and produced in the USA

Ask our lubricant experts how you may be able to reduce your current lubricant consumption with improved performance of Klüberbio AM 12-501. Or, how our new Klüberbio BM 42-102 can benefit your operations. No matter your demands and conditions, Klüber Lubrication stands ready to be your all-in-one partner for your ATB system’s lubrication needs.

It’s important to select the right eco-compatible lubricant for your equipment. Through personal contact and consultation, we can help you be successful. With our ambitious technical concepts and experienced, competent staff, Klüber Lubrication has been fulfilling increasingly demanding requirements by manufacturing efficient high-performance lubricants for more than 80 years. For your ATB systems’ needs, email Jestin Hulegaard at for a partnership that will help move your ATB operations forward.

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