MyKlüber App now also available in other markets

Retrieving product information conveniently by scanning a code – what used to be a privilege of our customers in China has now been extended to four more regions.

MyKlüber App now also available in other markets
MyKlüber App now also available in other markets

The launch of the MyKlüber App in China last year has been a further step towards digital customer service by Klüber Lubrication. Since the end of May 2019, customers in Germany have also been able to download this app via the Google Play Store or the App Store. Mid-June saw the go-live for customers in Austria, Hong Kong and the nordic countries Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland.

While in China the objective of the app is primarily to offer customers an innovative solution to authenticate products and thus provide a safeguard against product counterfeit, the focus in Europe is on faster and more reliable access to all relevant information concerning their products from Klüber Lubrication. In the long term, it is planned to establish a connection to the online shop and to make it possible to search and display product information flexibly without scanning.

All information readily available

By scanning the data matrix code on a Klüber Lubrication container with their app, customers will see the following information:

  • product name
  • country of origin
  • package size
  • batch number
  • expiry date

Registered and logged-in users will also be provided with the following documents:

  • product information
  • safety data sheet
  • certificates

Another feature of the app is that all documents can be conveniently forwarded by text message or e-mail.

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