Madol 195 FG XS: a versatile food-grade lubricant

Changing atmospheric humidity, temperature fluctuations and high loads are just some of the challenges affecting your textile operations. At the same time, you want your company to act in a sustainable manner to live up to its own entrepreneurial responsibility and protect the environment. At Klüber Lubrication, we understand the critical balance between a high-performing product and a product that also offers you compliance and sustainability.

Madol 195 FG XS meets these high demands of the textile industry. It is a food grade lubricant specifically engineered for use with machinery and needles producing food grade rated gloves. Designed without the use of silicone or emulsifiers, Madol 195 FG XS is tailor-made to be used on needles and machinery that require a high standard of cleanliness, durability and overall safety.

Compliance is key to your production and you should not have to compromise with a non-food grade lubricant. Madol 195 FG XS safely lubricates and protect the needles used in food-handling glove manufacturing.

The new lubricant also provides superior wear protection for your machinery’s needles, allowing for extended production times and less downtime due to maintenance. Because the product features a high level of wear additives, your needles will continue to work well past the typical life span of needles using lower quality lubricants.

When your machinery makes gloves, it requires a needle lubricant that fits like one. There’s no better choice than Klüber Lubrication’s Madol 195 FG XS. With this new food-grade lubricant, your operations will benefit from safety, durability, and improved performance.

Given its food-grade rating, Madol 195 FG XS can also be used beyond the textile industry. It can serve as a lubricant for cutting blades on slitter machines or any instance where a lubricant is needed for appropriately handling hygienic materials. Contact Charles Poston ( for more details on the solutions Madol 195 FG XS offers you.

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