"Lube & Seal": A solution for the future

"Lube & Seal" is a unique partnership of Klüber Lubrication and Freudenberg Sealing Technologies responding equally to customer requests regarding lubrication and those concerning sealing technology

"Lube & Seal": A solution for the future

The basic idea of "Lube & Seal" goes back more than fifty years. When in 1966 Klüber Lubrication was negotiating its acquisition by the Freudenberg Group, both partners became aware of the potential held by the combination of all this lubrication and sealing know-how in a single company. In the past few years, this synergy among the Freudenberg business units Klüber Lubrication and Freudenberg Sealing Technologies was also propagated externally under the name of "Lube & Seal".

Combined competences for the automotive and other industries

"Lube & Seal" offers solutions for the general industry as well as for vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers. It is with the focus on industrial applications that a cross-organisational team is currently working on the Applied Research Project of Freudenberg. "This is primarily about fundamental research – for instance about formulations of lubricants and elastomer mixtures and how they interact in customers' applications", explains Matthias Pfadt, Manager Gear Lubrication at Klüber Lubrication München, who acts as project leader in the Applied Research Project. In line with the Freudenberg slogan "Innovating Together", the "Lube & Seal" partners are currently working on solutions for applications in the industrial sectors of robotics and power tools.

Their current cooperation in the automotive sector is primarily due to specific customer requests. Klüber Lubrication and Freudenberg Sealing Technologies learn about recent challenges from their contacts in the automotive industry and then proceed to developing a joint "Lube & Seal" solution. "The manufacturers of electric vehicles are struggling with the issue of high temperatures at and around the motor and the gearbox. We are currently working on a new solution package that will combine our water-based hydro lubricants with new energy-efficient shaft seals from Freudenberg Sealing Technologies", says Lukas Koch, Account Manager Automotive Industry KLD.

Being the go-to partner in two different disciplines

The advantages of "Lube & Seal" benefit both the automotive and other industries. "With Freudenberg Sealing Technologies as our partner, we get a much more comprehensive picture of an application than when going it alone. In turn, our sister company in the Freudenberg Group can benefit from how we look at things as lubrication specialists", says Matthias Pfadt. "By the time we propose a solution to our customer, it has been reviewed in terms of both sealing and lubrication-related issues. This is added value our competitors cannot produce", stresses Günter Hintenlang, Team Lead Transmission & Driveline at Freudenberg Sealing Technologies.

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