Klüberoil SUH 4-32 US: a modern solution for your hydraulic system

Hydraulic systems are a time-tested and proven operation. But your experienced hydraulic system needs a modern solution. You can benefit from increased performance and overall operational savings.

Klüber Lubrication has been meeting growing requirements and increasing demands in operations by manufacturing efficient high-performance lubricants for more than 90 years. Klüberoil SUH 4-32 US is a synthetic high-performance hydraulic oil designed with your operation’s rising demands and operational cost savings in mind.

Klüberoil SUH 4-32 US is formulated with polyalphaolefin (PAO). This highly-refined synthetic base oil extends its lifetime 3-4 times that of mineral oil. Created with high-grade raw materials and advanced additives, your hydraulic system will benefit from maximum performance.

Its advanced formula also keeps your hydraulic system clean. Klüberoil SUH 4-32 US offers corrosion protection and is very resistant to ageing and oxidation. Its excellent anti-wear capabilities extend your equipment’s lifetime.

Klüberoil SUH 4-32 US has a good viscosity-temperature relationship which ensures excellent protection for applications operating at a range of different temperatures. Apply this oil by immersion, immersion circulation, or injection. Other application methods are also possible.

It is also miscible with mineral oils, but for full performance, any residues of previously used mineral oil should be minimized. Klüber Lubrication can help convert your hydraulic system over.

With a longer service life and equipment protection, any industry with a hydraulic system – from wood and plastic film to oil & gas and mining – can benefit from using Klüberoil SUH 4-32 US. And you can improve your operation’s budget through savings to your overall operational costs. Contact Klüber Lubrication today to modernize your hydraulic system  with high-performance Klüberoil SUH 4-32 US.

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