Klüber Lubrication partners with Dalog and Novexa to extend gear life and increase energy-efficiency

“We can serve customers from the beginning of life to the end of life,” says Justin Koozer, Klüber Lubrication’s Head of Global Mining. “We don’t see any other company in the industry bringing this level of service.”

This “level of service” is a synergistic partnership between:

  •  Klüber Lubrication, strong performing operational lubricant, which ensures a smooth operation that increases energy efficiency and minimizes downtime
  • Dalog, monitoring sensors that help prevent avoidable breakages by remotely analyzing machine conditions while proving increased energy efficiencies
  • NOVEXA, maintenance specialists who have developed a unique method of reprofiling which allows them to remove profile deformation and get back to the initial involute profile of a girth gear, without dismantling, in an average time of 6 days

Klüber Lubrication has watched clients in the mining industry fear an unexpected breakage that will cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars in expensive replacements and extensive downtimes. That’s when partnerships were pursued that would eliminate the fear, unnecessary downtimes, and lost money.

Becoming a total solution provider puts the control in customers’ hands:

“It’s like this,” Justin says. “Say a gear is installed, and in theory it should last more than 20 years. But it doesn’t.”

Somewhere down the line, the wrong lubrication is used, or the right lubricant is improperly applied, or there’s unavoidable wear and tear.

Eventually there’s misalignment between the pinion and gear, Justin explains. Something breaks.

And it’s a costly break. These gears are so large that only a few companies can make them, and wait times for new ones can be as long as 12 months.

“What if you could avoid all that?” Justin says. “What if you used the best lubrication in the world, installed Dalog’s sensors that intervene to avoid disasters, and then NOVEXA comes in, with their groundbreaking repair system to repair damages (identified by Dalog’s sensors) and get back to optimal meshing conditions?”

Klüber Lubrication, Novexa, and Dalog have seen the partnership’s benefits firsthand. One example is a customer in Brazil who has measured a drastic decrease of vibrations level – achieving a 4.8% energy consumption cost savings – after a welding tooth breakage repair followed by a reprofiling on a cement ball mill.

The partnership takes managers from a reactive stance to being in control of their machines with: the right lubrication, eyes on the inside of their machines through sensors, and preventative maintenance.

An additional benefit is what it means for sustainability efforts. Dalog’s monitoring provides information that can be used for external audits and internal reporting to prove energy savings. In cement plants alone, the partnership has proven that using Klüber Lubrication’s energy-efficient lubricants has increased efficiency by a minimum of 3- to 4-percent.

Whether you’re looking for more smoother operations or increased energy-efficiency, you can expect this partnership to deliver a variety of benefits:

  • Maximize your uptime through increased equipment reliability
  • Minimize your total cost of operation through improved performance and lower lubricant consumption
  • Extend the life of your equipment through the highest wear protection available on the market
  • Less emergencies and increased on-site safety
  • More decision-making tools

To take advantage of this synergy, call Warren Emmons (Market Manager for the Global Industry Team – Heavy Industry) at 001-425-213-2351.

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