Increase oil life and system efficiency with Klüberplus Z 03-30 US

In these uncertain times, protecting the bottom line is more important than ever. Strained thermal oil systems increase the risk of equipment failure and often require a stop in production to clean or repair parts.

Klüberplus Z 03-30 US can be used to clean your thermal oil system  during production making it a uniquely efficient solution. By replacing 3-5% of the thermal oil with the Klüberplus Z 03-30 US, the treated oil will disperse and suspend the varnish and can be either drained or filtered, removing all contaminants with it. This can be done in place of thermal oil reconditioning or during a full system drain and refill.


Intended to extend oil life and protect circulating systems, Klüberplus Z 03-30 US offers many benefits for your application:

  • Reduced maintenance by dissolving carbon deposits without needing to dismantle the system to clean.
  • No downtime due to being used during operation.
  • Easy to use thanks to neutral behavior towards seals and simple 1 to 20 dilution ratio
  • Higher efficiency with smaller energy footprint and longer oil life.
  • Improved safety through increased thermal stability of the thermal oil.

Klüber Lubrication understands that when the stakes are high for businesses, the priority is efficiency and uninterrupted production. Klüberplus Z 03-30 US was designed to help your business run safely and efficiently despite the challenges of industry today.

Prevent costly repairs and profit loss with Klüberplus Z 03-30 US. Contact Klüber Lubrication at to learn more about our full range of products and how they can help you stay ahead of the competition.

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