Identify today the lubrication issues of tomorrow

The opening of our new laboratory is another step towards improving the quality of used oil and grease analyses at our customers.

Identify today the lubrication issues of tomorrow

John K. is the maintenance manager in a wind farm where wind turbines run around the clock. He is responsible for minimising wear of plant components to prevent unplanned downtime. His aim is to optimize energy production and minimize maintenance operations and costs. For him, planning ahead means to detect potential damage before it actually occurs. This is why he has the lubricants analysed by Klüber Lubrication at regular intervals.

In our new international lab in Italy we can perform high-quality analyses of both oils and greases (not many labs are able to analyse greases) even more efficiently. In addition to special analyses, we also offer our customers standardised analyses of, for example, bearing greases in wind power stations and provide information about their current condition. Thus, the useful life of the lubricant can be extended while the risk of component failure is reduced.

Our analysis comprises data on the current status of a grease, e.g. appearance, shear viscosity, water content acc. to Karl Fischer, infrared spectroscopy and many other parameters. Each of these tests have a specific focus: the visual assessment helps identify inhomogeneity in the grease structure, particular loads shown by intense colour changes and massive contamination by fibers or abraded particles. The shear viscosity provides information about the lubricant's physical consistency and hence its suitability for the application concerned. The water content serves to determine the contamination from the environment with a potentially corrosive substance. The infrared spectroscopy clearly shows the chemical change of a grease caused by additive degradation, oxidation, loss of base oil or contamination by foreign substances. Last but not least, X-ray fluorescence analysis is used to obtain a clear assessment of wear. Based on these lab data, our lubricant experts translate the values into a report which is easy-to-read for the customer and states whether the lubricant is fit for further use or not. Additionally to the report we offer a dedicated and personalized consultancy service.

This is how we inform John K. about the lubricant's condition, i.e.: Does the lubricant contain contaminants, and, if so, where do they come from? Do the bearings show wear and, if so, where does it come from? Does the grease contain foreign substances and, if so, which? Our lubricant experts also help determine the optimal lubricant quantity in order to prevent excess or deficient lubrication. Moreover, they advise customers on lubrication intervals and lubrication methods.

The high quality standards we apply in our analyses and the expertise of our lubricant specialists based on several decades of experience ensure that customers like John K. are provided with in-depth, well documented advice, thus helping them to make their workday more relaxed.

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