Because the biggest enemy in intralogistics is downtime.

We are ready for the battle! High-performance oils and greases from Klüber Lubrication serve the effective protection of all kinds of components, machines and systems used in warehouses and production facilities, preventing failures over a long period of time.

If you order something today, you'd rather have the goods delivered by tomorrow. Companies in all industries are put under enormous pressure by these expectations. Automation and smart warehouse and production technology (IoT) are intended to make processes faster, more reliable and more efficient, and are aimed at saving costs. But this works only as long as machines are running. Unfortunately, unforeseen failures do not make everyday production easier.

Does this seem familiar to you? But if so, do you also know that you can combat downtime with the help of precisely fitting specialty lubricants? Michael Marr, Head of Global General Machinery, gives an insight into how oils and greases from Klüber Lubrication contribute to making your intralogistics competitive and sustainable. Together with his international team, he is focused on meeting every challenge with a matching solution and to combat downtime, increase efficiency and reduce costs. With individual solutions for each branch of industry.

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Michael, the worst case in intralogistics is an operational breakdown. How can high-performance lubricants help to make warehouse and production processes more reliable?

By minimising friction and wear for all types of components – such as gearboxes, chains, linear guides, rolling bearings, and so on. In this way, they prevent damage and the failure of equipment, vehicles or systems. Whether forklift trucks, assembly, transshipment or packaging station, paint shop, conveyor systems or stacker control units: Only if all components function reliably can the material flow continue unhindered and expensive interruptions to operations and unplanned repairs can be avoided.

Apparently, however, it is no longer enough to avoid breakdowns: intralogistics as a whole must become even more efficient. What can lubricants contribute to this goal?



Our high-performance lubricants help, for example, to significantly extend maintenance intervals. As a result, processes have to be interrupted less frequently for maintenance work. Of course, this has a significant impact on efficiency – and it also reduces costs.

"Cost" is a good keyword. Total cost of ownership is an important aspect for customers. Quite often, they are not really aware that the lubricant can have a big impact on costs, right?



Yes, that’s right. Our specialty lubricants in particular can influence the total cost of ownership. Because they prevent wear, lubricated components have to be discarded less frequently. Their excellent performance in operation also makes them economical in consumption. In addition, they can be used for a very long time. Last, but not least, we support our customers in streamlining the variety of their lubricants. Like the aspect of higher reliability, this has a positive effect on efficiency and the total cost of ownership.

In addition to the costs, this also makes me think of the effort that such a change entails. Considering the motto "never change a running system": Why does the changeover pay off in this case?



We do not have a one-size-fits-all solution. We determine exactly what performance characteristics a lubricant must have for the specific application. That alone can make an immense positive contribution for the customer. We are, however, not just a lubricant supplier, but we always act as a partner and do not leave our customers alone. Choose our specialty lubricant and get everything from a single source: from the development of purpose-designed lubricants to the solution of specific challenges, from the actual changeover to analysis and maintenance recommendations. Our experts have a holistic view with the necessary level of detail for the individual customer and can accompany the entire process. Our products simply have the better arguments speaking for them.

What does that mean in concrete terms? For example, how can your specialty lubricants extend maintenance intervals? 


Through a very targeted selection of raw materials. Due to their high quality, we achieve, for example, a high ageing and oxidation resistance. We determine exactly what performance characteristics a lubricant must have for a specific application in order to ensure the long–term usability of our lubricants. We can prove this in our laboratories and test rigs, and the numerous success stories speak for themselves.  

What needs to be taken into account?

What matters here is the fact that we're not just a lubricant supplier. When selecting a lubricant, the processes involved may be not quite as complex as when selecting the component itself. Nevertheless, we have many influencing factors to pay attention to so that failures do not occur.

Be it the conditions on site such as vibrations, different temperatures, dryness, dust or humidity, or the requirements that the industry itself brings with it, such as H1 conformity or biodegradability. But also the analysis and maintenance recommendations, enabling us to take timely action before it comes to a standstill.

You talk about biodegradable products, demonstrating that sustainability is also an issue. Regarding the keyword "Green Logistics": Is this an aspect to which specialty lubricants can contribute? 


Our high-performance lubricants per se contribute to sustainability and thus to the handprint of our customers. They extend machine running times and are economical in consumption, which minimises the disposal and reprocessing effort. In addition, we have lubricants in our portfolio that have been specifically developed to meet the specific industry requirements for sustainability – from products with water as a functional component to biodegradable ones.

Apparently, in terms of the competitiveness and future viability of its customers, Klüber Lubrication focuses not only on high-performance products, but also on services of all kinds. Is that so? 



Yes, our expertise does not only flow into the development of the products. We understand the challenges of our customers and support them even more as partners. In addition to maintenance planning and compliance, energy efficiency, lubricant condition analysis and component inspection, we support the condition monitoring of machines and their predictive maintenance. We also take over the actual changeover to our products. We are happy to provide our customers with our digital tools, such as the EfficiencyManager or Oil Condition Monitoring. We share our know-how in-house and at the customer's site as well as in webinars.

You lead a team that works on intralogistics solutions in many locations around the world. What is your common credo?


We are not satisfied by just meeting customer requirements – in terms of tribology, ecology or compliance. We want our customers to feel well advised and looked after all around – through the quality of our products and the entire lubricant management. Our products of today are also future-proof for tomorrow. And we work on the products for the future - gladly in joint development partnerships. Klüber Lubrication has been pursuing this claim for decades. Our customers all over the world can count on this.

Combat downtime with our high performance lubricants.

All benefits in an overview.

Are you ready to switch, but are currently wondering where to start? Don't look for the answer on your own. We support you with know-how, experience, passion and on site, to master every challenge together with you.

Is your production running like clockwork? Then make sure that it stays that way. Individual lubrication schedules and well-trained employees extend the service life of the system, reduce downtimes and minimise maintenance times.

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