A Partner for Sustainability in Your Cement Plant

Achieving higher energy efficiency does not have to require operational sacrifices. You can reduce the energy needed and shrink your carbon footprint without compromising operation efficiency and profitability. New lubricant technologies offer you a high potential for efficiency improvement while maintaining and improving these critical operational numbers.

A partnership with Klüber Lubrication for your lubricant needs leads to all-around wins for your cement plant. Your operations can achieve both improved performance and increased sustainability with our cement industry experts in your corner. Your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is drastically reduced when you team up with Klüber Lubrication for your lubrication products and take advantage of our extensive knowledge of sustainability in the cement industry. We know your system and its requirements inside and out – that’s why we take the time to measure and analyze both open and closed circuits in a ball mill for efficient operating variables (power, product type, ball level, feed of additives, and feed of product).

Extending the life of your oil and gearboxes leads to a lower TCO. But you don’t have to take our word for it; you will see real numbers specific to your plant’s operations through our unique verification and proof of energy savings. Your guaranteed savings will be across the board:

  • waste savings
  • energy savings
  • materials reduction savings

Our products for the cement industry use a synthetic base that gives you the performance you need from a lubricant, plus the energy efficiency you want. Gain improved reliability and equipment uptime from our high-performance lubricants, and promote sustainability with reduced energy consumption, reduced CO2 emissions, and lower product waste due to extending your oil service intervals. Here is how:

  • Less electricity consumption: electricity cost savings up to $350,000+ per plant every year
  • Increase drain intervals from 1 year to 5 years: Decrease in oil waste by 3-5 times due to longer oil life
  • Maximum reliability of gearboxes from superior wear
  • Decrease in costs due to less maintenance required 
  • Less CO2 emissions

Why partner with Klüber Lubrication? We don’t stop at being your one source for lubricants that make a difference. We support your cement plant. Your plant can benefit in many ways: operation benefits, environmental benefits, financial benefits, knowledge benefits. Plus, you will receive best-in-class sales and service support through direct access to our cement industry experts. 

Schedule a consultation today with Warren Emmons (warren.emmons@us.kluber.com) to learn how you can take the first step toward higher energy efficiency and a lower Total Cost of Ownership for your cement plant. 

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