Keep environmental and economic benefits in check and safely extend the life of your steel wire ropes with Klüberbio AM 92-142

Balancing environmental impact with efficiency in operations is increasingly critical for port and ship operators. You need a wire rope lubricant that can extend the life of the expensive steel wire ropes and lessen your operations’ impact on the environment. You no longer have to choose between safely extending the life of your wire ropes and a lubricant that is environmentally acceptable. Klüber Lubrication provides a solution for both requirements: Klüberbio AM 92-142.

Steel wire ropes are exposed to harsh environmental conditions at sea and at port. They need specialized lubrication so you can avoid premature wire rope failure. Klüberbio AM 92-142 is an environmentally acceptable lubricant (EAL) with excellent performance qualities to extend the life of your wire ropes and support safe and reliable operations. With a high dropping point and high water wash-off resistance your wire ropes stay lubricated longer, even in tough conditions. Klüberbio AM 92-142 offers your shipping operations many benefits:

  • excellent load-carrying capacity
  • good antiwear protection
  • strong anticorrosive protection against water, salt and harsh environment
  • excellent adhesion to metal surfaces
  • high water wash-off resistance
  • excellent compatibility with zinc coatings of galvanized ropes

These combined advantages of Klüberbio AM 92-142 reduce your lubrication consumption, save you labor costs and extend the life of your steel wire rope. Klüberbio AM 92-142 is an affordable grease, providing superior protection while benefiting your operation budget. Partner with Klüber Lubrication to safely extend the life of your wire ropes with the right specialized lubricant and keep environmental and economic benefits in check. From steel wire ropes on harbor cranes to ship cranes and heavy lift cranes, Klüberbio AM 92-142 is the right choice for your shipping operations and for the planet.

We understand that efficiency, sustainability, competitiveness and profitability are all crucial for your operation’s success. Our sales engineers, products and services can help. Klüber Lubrication has the most comprehensive range of lubricants for the marine industry, meeting the highest environmental requirements. For a personal consultation and to learn more about our full line of marine lubricants, contact Jestn Hulegaard at

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