Journal Bearing lubrication with Klüberlub OG 11-6000 BH

Sugarcane is passed between rollers in a cane crushing mill for the extraction of juice. These rollers are supported by journal bearings, which are considered to be the heart of the entire plant. Because the efficient and undisrupted functioning of these rollers is critical to the entire operation of a sugar crushing mill. However, journal bearings in these plants are subjected to heavy and shock loads, contamination with juices, hot water, debris from the sugar cane and, sometimes, even dirt. Misalignments and poor maintenance practices also add to the operational challenges on the journal bearings. At times a failure of the journal bearing during the crushing season can bring the plant to a halt and even erode the entire crushing season profits. In such conditions, most journal bearings require to be overhauled after every crushing season.

Klüberlub OG 11-6000 BH. Smooth protection

Klüber Lubrication with their extensive tribological understanding of this application has developed Klüberlub OG 11-6000 BH to protect journal bearings from higher temperatures, high loads, shock loads, vibrations and corrosive environment. Klüberlub OG 11-6000 BH with its superior lubrication property is able to provides a superior hydrodynamic lubrication film which ensures that the mating surfaces in the journal bearings do not come in contact with each other. The Klüberlub OG 11-6000 BH lubricating film provides a good separation layer between the two surfaces. Most other lubricants tend only to provide boundary or mixed lubrication condition where the mating surfaces do rub on one another and create wear.

The superior formulation of Klüberlub OG 11-6000 BH ensures the sustainable operation of the cane crushing mills by not only enhancing the life of the journal bearings but also reducing the lubricant consumption by more than 20%. In some instances lubricant consumption was reduced by more than 60% when plant owners changed over to Klüberlub OG 11-6000 BH from oil lubricants.

Enhancing the life of Journal bearing

The diagram shows how Klüberlub OG 11 BH separates the metal surfaces with a hydrodynamic lubrication film to protect your journal bearings from damages and enhance their service life.

The table below features some of the key product properties of Klüberlub OG 11 BH that ensure the reliable functioning of journal bearings.

Properties Benefits
MX Additive technology Reduces wear and reaches a hydrodynamic state of lubrication faster
Brings down operating temperature
Good adhesion and water resistance Enhanced protection during shock loads
High viscosity Prevents wear
Helps to handle heavy loads
Provides good sealing
Prevents lubricant leakage
Pumpable grease Suitable for centralised lubrication system

Case study

Klüberlub OG 11-60-00 BH being used in one of the largest sugar processing mills in India.

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