Space-saving, low-noise and low-cost: Sintered metal plain bearings can be found in electric motors of vehicles, fans, household appliances and tools as well as a multitude of industrial applications. They offer high precision and a long service life and are particularly notable for their low friction coefficients, maintenance-free operation and excellent emergency running properties. Specialty lubricants for sintered bearings have a decisive impact on the function and service life of such bearings. Klüber Lubrication develops and produces special oils and fluids for sintered metal bearings for a multitude of applications, all distinguished by top quality and economy.

Lubricant depots provide a permanent lubricating film

The advantages of sintered bearings compared to other plain bearings is the storage capability of the porous material of which they are made. A reservoir of lubricant forms in these pores which under ideal conditions produces a permanent lubricating film on the sliding surface and enables the lubricant to circulate in the bearing.

For more demanding requirements, such as constant changes in direction or frequent starting from a standstill, Klüber Lubrication develops special impregnating fluids containing soap, which are held uniformly suspended in the oil. This special formula reliably prevents boundary or mixed lubrication. The result is reduced wear, particularly on start-up. As the only manufacturer of specialty lubricants, Klüber Lubrication offers these types of fluids in addition to the high-grade synthetic, pure oils for sintered bearings. Both types of lubricant have been offering proven service for decades.

Long-term lubrication and optimum lubricant release

Generally, sintered metal plain bearings run with for-life lubrication and offer the particular advantages of requiring no maintenance and being self-lubricating. If the impregnating oil in the sintered bearing is not sufficient for the entire service life, special depot lubricants such as MIKROZELLA from Klüber Lubrication are the solution. The well-proven plastic oil reservoir on a synthetic basis takes up excess oil through capillary action and releases it to the bearing as a continuous, stable supply of fresh lubricant. This ingenious method offers a well-balanced release compared to other solutions. This makes lifetime lubrication for sintered bearings possible – even with extreme temperature differences and variable operating conditions.

The right products for sintered bearings in a multitude of applications

The specialty lubricants offered by Klüber Lubrication are as many and varied as the areas of application for self-lubricating bearings. For extremely high or low temperatures, high speeds or frequent changes of direction, mixed friction or different materials: Klüber Lubrication offers a wide range of oils for sintered bearings, specially tailored to each application, the density and permeability of the sintered material and the specific requirements involved for optimum results. These include PFPE oils which have optimum wetting properties, as well as oils with high temperature stability and evaporation stability, plus optimum start-up and smooth-running properties.

With close working relationships with automotive suppliers and equipment and sintered bearing manufacturers, we continuously develop and test new special lubricants to help reduce costs through even longer service lives and reduced wear and to continuously improve the performance, sustainability and efficiency of our lubricants. Here we also cooperate with external testing institutes and scientific institutions. This has resulted in a multitude of certifications and approvals for our specialty lubricants.

For which application do you need the right high-performance lubricant?

Top quality, reliability and innovation – that is what Klüber Lubrication stands for. We are your competent partner for all aspects of lubrication for sintered bearings and oils and fluids for sintered bearings.

Are you looking for exactly the right specialty lubricant for your sintered metal plain bearings? Do you have questions, or do you need advice on a special solution? We will be glad to help you - talk with our specialists about your project!

At a glance: Specialty Lubricants for sintered bearings from Klüber Lubrication

  • Lifetime lubrication with no maintenance requirements: Our special lubricants impregnate sintered bearings throughout their entire service life.
  • Maximum precision, low friction coefficients and low noise: sintered bearing oils, sintered bearing fluids and depot lubricants from Klüber Lubrication combine optimum performance with high endurance and economy.
  • Specialty lubricants for sintered bearings with a multitude of certifications and approvals: These include, for example, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001 and DIN EN ISO 9001 as well as IATF 16949 in the automotive sector.
  • Tested, proven and available worldwide: We test our specialty lubricants in the laboratory and on test rigs and maintain close working relationships with external institutes, manufacturers and users. Once brought to the market the lubricants are available worldwide.

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