Klüber Lubrication – Your global specialist for critical lubrication points, now also for conveyor lubrication in the food industry. Do you normally use lubricant and then a cleaning agent to remove residues? What if a lubricant in combination with a cleaning agent could reduce the need for regular cleaning? Simplicity is the ultimate solution.

Klüber Lubrication is a specialist for lubrication. We provide lubrication solutions for all extreme conditions, including conveyor belts. With our new conveyor lubricant, we have combined a lubricant with a cleaning agent to deliver an unmatched value proposition that protects you from a vicious circle of lubricating, cleaning and wear on conveyor belts.

Klüber Lubrication regards the issue of productivity and hygiene on conveyor belts in the food industry as an opportunity. Our dry lubricants not only provide better lubrication and cleaner and more hygienic chains; they also offer a reduced cleaning effort, improved process reliability and reduced operating costs when compare to wet lubricants.

How can a conveyor lubricant prevent bottles from toppling, leading to frequent stoppage of conveyor belts and in turn affecting the entire production process?

Dry lubricants from Klüber Lubrication prevent such scenarios and solve many other challenges faced in the industry.

Productivity counts – impact of conveyor lubricants on productivity

Using the right conveyor lubricant can make a big difference to the productivity of the entire line. You as a beverage producer will be able to meet your objective, if the entire conveyor runs smoothly without a high coefficient of friction and without residues on conveyor chains.

Whether PET, glass, metal cans or carton: none of these packaging materials can move smoothly on the line if there is poor lubrication leading to falling bottles and wear on the conveyor belt. Not to mention damage to product packaging, which leads to operational cost increase and loss of productivity.


Value proposition – the best of both worlds: lubrication plus cleaning effect

Hydro Lubricants from Klüber Lubrication meet the challenges related to conveyor belts and the lubrication points in these applications. With minimal dosing, they effectively prevent friction and wear and also leave less residues on the conveyor belt. The high performance of these lubricants leads to a series of benefits for you as a producer of food products:

  • Higher process stability
  • Improved hygiene
  • Reduced cleaning effort
  • Higher productivity
  • Lower lubricant consumption
  • Longer service life of the components
  • Reduced waste
  • Optimised environmental protection
  • Lower operating costs

The power of three raw materials

Klüber Lubrication, an experienced specialist in the field of speciality lubricants, has drawn on decades of lubrication know-how to formulate this conveyor lubricant. The homogeneous blend of lubricant, cleaning agent and water leaves hardly any residues. This has a direct effect on improving hygiene on conveyor belts.

The Klüberplus C2 series is a perfect combination of three active ingredients:

  • Base oils/ester - prevents friction and wear
  • Cleaning agent - prevents residue build-up
  • Water acts as a carrier material for the base oil and also supports cleaning


Through this homogeneous mixture of three powerful raw materials, we have tried to balance the lubrication and cleaning requirements adequately. It leads to the following benefits for you.

  • High consumption of aggressive cleaning agents can be reduced
  • Life of components is extended as frequent usage of aggressive cleaning agents has an impact on the lifetime of conveyor belts
  • Additionally, due to less need for using aggressive cleaning agents, you need less water to flush off the aggressive cleaning agent, which in turn contributes to sustainability and environmental protection

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