REACH – more safety for people and the environment

With REACH, European chemical law sets standards for the use of chemicals and hence also speciality lubricants. This concerns a large number of production companies.

REACH – more safety for people and the environment

We at Klüber Lubrication support these standards and have made the consistent implementation of REACH an integral part of our everyday work. With a view to our responsibility as a manufacturer, it is our goal to not only fulfill but exceed legal requirements.

REACH (EU Regulation 1907/2006) is Europe's new regulation for the Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals and has been in force since 2007. It is the objective of this regulation to provide optimum protection of people and the environment. For this reason, only substances, which meet these requirements, may be manufactured, imported or used in Europe. Furthermore, manufacturers and importers are under obligation to collect data on substances, evaluate potential environmental and health risks, and inform users on necessary safety measures in a comprehensive Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

REACH is not new. Since mid 2013, all substances of which more than 100 tonnes were produced per year, have had to meet REACH requirements. Since June 2018, all substances of which more than a ton is produced per year, have come under the regulation. Klüber Lubrication assumes the role of downstream user and ensures that all raw materials used and hence the speciality lubricants sold meet current legal requirements.

REACH is part of our management objectives

Klüber Lubrication supports the REACH regulation and continuously implements its stipulations. Our corporate philosophy as well as that of our parent company Freudenberg is to act responsibly. It is therefore our goal to exceed these requirement wherever this is technically and economically feasible. Our Material Compliance Management organisation is in close contact with the manufacturers and importers of our raw materials so that information on changes is always readily available to assure the availability and consistently high quality of our speciality lubricants.

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