Compressor oils at a glance

Product Viscosity grade Flash point  Possible operation time Base
Klüber Summit PS Series 32 - 150  ≥ 200°C 5,000 Mineral/Ester
Klüber Summit SH Series  32 - 150  ≥ 230°C 10,000 PAO
Klüber Summit Ultima Series 52 / 65  ≥ 246°C 12,000
Klüber Summit Supra Coolant 38 / 55 ≥ 230°C 8,000 Polyglycol
Klüber Summit FG Series 32 - 150 ≥ 230°C 5,000 PAO 
Klüber Summit Varnasolv  30 ≥ 230°C Ester

Reliable partner for your profitable business

  • Performance that counts
  • Reduced downtime costs
  • Increased compressor availability
  • Reduced spare parts costs for oil, oil filter and oil separator
  • Less strain on the environment and resources due to lower energy consumption and lower disposal quantities
  • Reduces friction in the compressor and offers a better gap sealing effect
  • Low pour points
  • Excellent water demulsibility
  • Suitable for oil change intervals up to 12,000 hours depending on the operating conditions and oil type

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