"Pushing the limits" – that's our brand essence and our practised claim, to shift boundaries. In order to meet that challenge on an everyday basis, we bring people with widely differing experience, approaches and skills together. We don't just welcome diversity, we encourage it, because we are convinced that it is only when our staff are able to develop freely that they achieve optimal results.

Diversity at Klüber Lubrication

Our interaction at Klüber Lubrication and our dealings with partners and customers are free of preconceptions and marked by mutual appreciation and respect, independently of origin and nationality, outlook on life and religion, education and disability, age, gender and sexual identity. We provide scope for personal growth and create opportunities for them to implement their own ideas.

This openness and the diversity of our staff enhance our creativity and our innovative capabilities. At the same time, we thereby reflect the diversity of our customers and suppliers, and we are able to adapt to widely varying and changing needs. Far from being a duty for us at Klüber Lubrication, diversity is a key factor of our economic success.

At a glance: diversity as a factor of success

Diversity as a factor of success
  • Free of preconceptions! Mutual appreciation and respect are practised values at each of our 31 facilities
  • Widely differing talents are welcome! We count on diversity, new ideas and personal growth
  • Balance between working and private life: for us, that is a living reality
  • Committed to social responsibility! We are a signatory of the Diversity Charter
  • Staying at the forefront! We actively shape diversity – it is a factor of our success

Actively shaping diversity: On an equal footing - equality for all!

Equality for all!

Competence is not a question of age. Innovation arises from interaction of smart ideas and practical experience. That is why we take care to maintain a working environment at Klüber Lubrication in which four generations work together effectively and on an equal footing. At the same time, we are fully aware of demographic development, in particular in Germany. With focused generation management, we promote the training of specialists and take care of refilling vacant posts.

From industrial managers via developers to technical sales representatives and shift supervisors: women hold all sorts of jobs in all fields. This equality of treatment for men and women is a cornerstone of our diversity policy. We also seek to further enhance the proportion of women in executive positions and among specialists. To do so, we set out to target female applicants and endeavour to recruit growing numbers of women in technical fields. We measure and document implementation of the approach and hence guarantee transparent, comprehensible staffing choices.

International. Personal.

53 nationalities, 41 of them at our Headquarters in Munich: cultural diversity characterises our globally active company. We hence actively support international exchanges between our 31 facilities: already when they are in the trainee programme, our staff have the opportunity to get to know life and the working world at one of our facilities. Further on in their careers, too, we enable worldwide staff deployment. In connection with our targeted hiring policy, we thus cater for openness and intercultural awareness in the company.

As experience shows, we profit enormously from our diversity. Close cross-border interaction and cooperation help us to recognise and understand different regional customer requirements. We jointly develop products that can solve specific market challenges, and that often create strong interest on other markets.

Overview of the origins of our employees

The map provides an overview of the origins of our employees by continent. The figures in percent refer to the total workforce. A total of more than 2,300 people from 53 countries and six continents work together at Klüber Lubrication. (As of April 2020)

Compatibility between job and family

Klüber Lubrication is a globally active company with a worldwide staff of over 2,300. We nonetheless attach great importance to enabling all the staff to enjoy optimal compatibility between their job, their family and their leisure time, in accordance with their stage of life and their career goals. Flexible working time models, home offices and mobile working; we are convinced that a professional career and a rich private life have to go hand in hand to ensure lasting joint success. To support mothers and fathers and simplify a return to work after a baby break, we cooperate with various daycare centres in Munich. We also provide a two-week child care programme during the summer holidays.

Social responsibility: we are actively engaged!

We are fully aware of our social and corporate responsibilities and are pleased to be judged by our deeds. As a signatory of the Diversity Charter, we are committed at Klüber Lubrication to creating a working world that is free of preconceptions. We hence set great store by integration and togetherness: we are proud to have taken on refugees under permanent employment contract.

We have also set ourselves the goal of closer long-term integration of people with disabilities. At equivalent levels of qualification, we give priority to people with disabilities over the free labour market. Moreover, we also support inclusion and participation in working life by assigning contracts to workshops for people with disabilities.

Diversity Councils & Training

We actively shape diversity

We actively shape diversity, and we are determined to be role models and forerunners in the field. Six regional Diversity Councils bring dedicated staff from widely differing disciplines together. They jointly develop measures for all the facilities worldwide. They invite keynote speakers, organise round tables or directly set up complete action weeks. Everyone in the company is encouraged to participate and help to shape events.

We want to ensure that staff awareness is enhanced in the field, and anchor diversity permanently and recognisably in our corporate culture. We make the theme known as a high priority, with regular training sessions in the Headquarters and the subsidiaries. Amongst other things, we set out to ensure full awareness in management and staff alike as to what "unconscious preconceptions" means for each individual. We provide them with the means to face the theme actively and reflect on their actions and behaviour.

What talents can you bring?

Diversity and free development, international exchanges and promotion of new ideas and concepts make Klüber Lubrication an innovative employer. We live in esteem and respect for one another, learning from each other and with each other. We promote diversity, equality and cooperation. We value all our staff, strengthen their talents and provide them with individual career options. We benefit from a strong sense of unity and make the most of our positive corporate culture.

Now it's up to you: what talents can you bring to Klüber Lubrication? Partner or customer, supplier or applicant: take part in our company culture. Get to know us personally, talk to us about your challenges or apply for a job with us. You can find our current job vacancies and possibilities of spontaneous applications on our Career page.

We would be pleased to hear from you – let's shape the future together!

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