The operation of alpine facilities should be safe, efficient and sustainable - a challenge for operations managers, maintenance staff and slope managers. Maintenance and lubricants in particular play a decisive role. Strong temperature differences, extreme weather conditions and strong vibrations are high demands on the lubricant and influence the lifetime of the components and equipment, the maintenance and safe operation. Whether summer or winter, Klüber Lubrication has the right lubricant solution for ropeways, chairlifts, groomers and snow guns. Because with speciality lubricants, operators not only reduce maintenance effort but also costs.

  • Developed for harsh conditions 

    Large temperature differences, weather conditions, vibrations and shocks: Lubricants from Klüber Lubrication are developed to meet the high demands of mountain equipment. 

  • High equipment availability and long maintenance intervals

    High equipment availability and long maintenance intervals

    Our lubricants are developed with well-known OEMs and precisely matched to your particular application. They help prevent corrosion and wear. This enables a long service life for your equipment. 

  • Cost savings

    With high-performance lubricants, you can maximize productivity and availability with minimal downtime. Equipment becomes more reliable and has a longer service life. At the same time, the right-fit lubricant solution reduces frictional resistance, which lowers energy consumption and reduces emissions. 

  • Safe application

    Mountain lift maintenance puts your employees at risk (harsh conditions, meter-high masts). With lubricant dispensers, such as Klübermatic, you reduce the frequency of maintenance work and the time your employees spend in the danger zone. 

  • Competent advice & servcies

    Our specialists offer you significant added value through comprehensive services and bundled expertise. This is appreciated by our customers worldwide, as our regular survey shows 

  • Biodegradable lubricants

    In many applications, biodegradable lubricants must be used to protect the environment. Klüber Lubrication is a pioneer in the development of environmentally friendly lubricants. Our Klüberbio products are EU Ecolabel certified. 

High-quality, reliable lubricant solutions for the safe operation of your equipment

Ski and summer sports resorts with lift infrastructure, or even urban lifts, all have one common goal: the guest should feel comfortable and arrive safely on the mountain or at its destination. For you as an operator, this means that a breakdown of the ropeway on a busy day would be a nightmare!

Especially when operating alpine transport facilities, capacity utilization and thus every hour of operation is crucial. Nobody wants to experience breakdowns - especially on days with high visitor numbers. Lubricants for mountain facilities must meet a particularly high number of requirements. Excellent corrosion protection, all-weather suitability and environmental compatibility are just a few of them. 

With our high-quality special lubricants, developed with well-known OEMs, we also have the right solution for your plant. You benefit from longer lubricant life, reduced consumption and cost savings. In addition, we support you with our services, such as oil analyses, lubrication plan development or more comprehensive energy efficiency projects. 

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Gabriele Cloch is a maintenance engineer on the Col Rodella cableway in the Dolomites. Gabriele is also passionate about paragliding. Having the right partner at his side is essential in order to ensure he is able to perform to the best of his abilities, even in difficult circumstances, and push his own limits. 

Increased safety thanks to Klübermatic

Especially the maintenance of ropeways and mountain railroads involves risks for maintenance personnel. Often, the lubrication points are outdoors on high masts. Because Klüber Lubrication sees itself as a solution provider, we not only offer high-performance oils and greases, but also "intelligent packaging" that takes care of the automatic lubrication of your equipment and components. This means that your employees will have to go into danger zones less often. 

We offer a selection from our lubricant range, covering many typical applications, in automatic lubricant dispensers for single-point lubrication. In these well thought-out and proven systems on an electromechanical or electrochemical basis, you can obtain various standard, long-life or high-pressure greases, standard chain or high-temperature chain oils. In addition to this selection, you can also obtain other lubricants in automatic encoder systems on request and for larger requirements, provided they have been tested and approved - just contact your Klüber Lubrication consultant. 


The suspension ropes rest on ropeway supports not on sheaves, but in long metal rope guide grooves (rope saddles or rope shoes) on the support shoe. These allow the ropes to move back and forth to compensate for the traveling loads of the cabins. These lubrication points must be lubricated weekly. Maintenance personnel are already stretched thin with regular maintenance. 

Solution: The introduction of STABURAGS NBU 12 ALTEMP in Klübermatic distributors brought the customer the following. 


  • Instead of weekly relubrication, it is now sufficient to replace the NOVA dispensers every 3-6 months 

  • Increased process reliability and safety for workers and passengers 

  • Cleaner application due to low consumption 

  • Reduction of maintenance costs 

  • How to deal with extreme temperatures and operation conditions. Find out technical facts in our Whitepaper.

  • Col Rodella ropeways was able to reduce the maintenance time by more than 80 %. “The solution reduced our maintenance costs and increased safety for our technicians considerably”, explains Daniele Dezulian, Vice President of the ski resort S.I.T. Canazei.


Your benefits at a glance:

  • Many years of experience based on deep collaboration with leading equipment manufacturers. Our specialty lubricants are developed in close collaboration and extensively tested.
  • Minimized maintenance and increased work safety: Consultancy in lubricant application, product reduction or automatic lubricant dispensers simplify the daily work of maintenance staff and increase safety.
  • More sustainability and environmental protection: Longer relubrication and oil change intervals reduce the required lubrication amounts. Using rapidly biodegradable lubricants reduces the environmental burden of railway operations.
  • Oil and grease analysis to ensure uptime and tool life. Informative test reports provide customers insight into the condition of lubricants and machines. In this way, you increase the service life of your lubricants without worrying about unplanned downtimes.
  • International availability: we offer you the same products and the same, outstanding quality all over the world. And always a personal tribology specialist.

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