Energy Efficiency for energy-demanding machines and processes

Industrial plant operators must act to mitigate their high energy demands for several reasons. Their customers, employees, and shareholders expect to see improvements in energy efficiency, sustainability, and environmental protection. They must also counter rising energy costs, and comply with increasingly stringent regulation, including ISO 50001 energy audits. How can energy efficiency be increased? Turning to specialty lubricants provides a little-known yet highly effective opportunity for significantly improving energy efficiency.

Tackling the challenge of industrial energy saving

Many industries depend on energy-intensive machines and processes. Ball mills and kilns in cement plants are good examples. There are also many energy-intensive applications in food and chemical industries.

While established energy efficiency measures are often highly expensive, specialty lubricants can offer a simpler and relatively low-cost way to significantly reduce energy costs; yet this opportunity is often overlooked or underestimated. This is partly because energy efficiency optimisation through lubricants, and its quantification or monetary proof, is not simple or easy to demonstrate – and the entire system must be considered. Then, the only true proof that better lubrication has reduced energy consumption comes from before/after comparisons.

Specialty lubricants – a simple approach with multiple benefits

Intelligent selection of specialty lubricants, precisely matched to the application, lets you significantly boost your energy savings, cut your direct and indirect CO2 footprint, and support your sustainability goals, for relatively little cost. High-performance lubricants also allow relubrication intervals to be extended, thus reducing waste.

Another plus: In terms of payback period, lubricants often yield much better results than cost-intensive design changes and renovations.

KlüberEnergy: the Energy Efficiency solution from Klüber Lubrication

With our expert know-how and the right high-performance lubricant, we can help you to increase your energy efficiency. With KlüberEnergy we provide:

  • Energy consulting: Evaluation of equipment and reporting on energy savings potential.
  • Energy measurement: Professional measurement of all relevant influencing factors before and after application optimization.
  • Energy analysis: Analysis of measured data.
  • Reporting: Translation of analysis results into relevant key performance figures. This serves as a basis for investment decisions and also as energy audit documentation.

We combine our experience gained from many years of broad-based fundamental research, numerous KlüberEnergy projects and market feedback to develop sustainable lubricant solutions that help users in a wide range of industries to reduce their energy consumption.

The following picture gives you an overview of the steps we follow:

Compliance with international standards

After completing a comprehensive audit process, we received a declaration of conformity issued by TÜV Süd. The declaration confirms that we are able to carry out our KlüberEnergy process fully in compliance with the IPMVP (International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol) and ISO 50015, which is the European equivalent of the IPMVP.

Why work with Klüber Lubrication?

  • A comprehensive specialty lubricants product portfolio backed by decades of proven performance. This enables you to achieve high equipment energy efficiency and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • An established energy measurement method backed by use cases from different industries.
  • A team of specialists who can work with you closely and provide you with an initial assessment of savings and payback period.
  • Professional project process providing full transparency on steps followed and methods used.
  • Our projects comply with internationally recognized standards such as IPMVP and DIN ISO 50015.

What our clients say

  • Lubrication of extruders in the packaging industry

    Case study with the Graham Packaging plant in Rotselaar, Belgium

    The combination of energy measurement and polyglycol gear oil helped us to save approximately 2.1 % of energy and the corresponding costs,” Johan Van Diest, Technical Manager sums up. “Additionally, it helped us to fulfill audit requirements on energy savings and support our sustainability goals. The close relationship between Graham Packaging and Klüber Lubrication has been a major pillar of this success.

    Johan Van Diest Graham Packaging

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