Laboratory analyses with LuCA: Our service for monitoring your lubricants

How good is the condition of your specialty lubricants – when is replacement necessary? Is the safety of your machinery and plants guaranteed? Those who can answer these questions will maintain control and extend the service life of bearings, chains and gears. This prevents unscheduled plant downtimes, reduces costs and improves efficiency and economy in production.

To provide plant managers and maintenance technicians with support here, Klüber Lubrication offers the Lubricant Condition Analysis Program – LuCA. The service for grease and oil analyses in Klüber Lubrication’s laboratories determines the condition of your lubricants and provides information about quality, impurities and wear as well as oxidation and ageing. As a result, you create a sound basis for highly efficient maintenance processes and effective predictive maintenance in accordance with the principles of risk management and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM).

LuCA is currently available in Europe and China. However, it is also possible to get samples from other regions analyzed.

Longer plant lifetimes and greater sustainability with regular checks on oil and grease condition

LuCA provides companies with support on the regular and continuous checking of the condition of lubrication and lubricants. This is what makes preventive maintenance possible: Rather than identifying wear on components, users can tell how well the tribological system is working on the basis of the condition of the oil or grease. This makes longer maintenance intervals and plant lifetimes possible.

Moreover, exact data on the lubricant condition help to prevent over and under lubrication. As a result, companies can save costs and contribute to greater sustainability and a responsible approach to the environment and resources through reduced consumption. The analyses of the lubricants from the laboratory provide a better overall picture of the condition of a plant or machinery.

Optimum integration of the laboratory analyses in your EfficiencyManager

The Lubricant Condition Analysis Program LuCA is perfectly integrated in the EfficiencyManager from Klüber Lubrication. In the digital service platform, all information relating to your lubricants and upcoming maintenance work is clearly displayed and measures documented. As a consequence, it is the key tool for lubricant management and is the shared database for plant managers, maintenance technicians and users.

LuCA is a separate service within the EfficiencyManager. This provides you with all the information you need about the status of machines and lubricants, based on examinations on site and laboratory analyses. For the clear presentation of the results of oil and grease analyses, including a clear evaluation, analyses of trends and historical data are also shown here. These enable necessary maintenance measures (preventive maintenance) to be identified in good time, along with proactive planning, meaning reduced plant downtimes as a result.

How to use the Lubricant Condition Analysis Program LuCA

  • Request an analysis kit from Klüber Lubrication
    Request the analysis kit for the sampling and dispatch of your oil and grease from your Klüber Lubrication contact. This enables samples to be taken easily and cleanly, with reliable identification thanks to clear barcodes.
  • Register the laboratory analyses and send in your sample
    Scan the barcode or enter the barcode in the EfficiencyManager to register the evaluation of your samples and to add additional information. You will be provided with the direct address of the Klüber Lubrication laboratory for dispatch. Automatic reminders ensure that you are alerted when a laboratory analysis is due.
  • Check the report
    You will automatically receive a compact report within just a short time on quality, impurities and wear, along with additional data and results from the oil or grease analysis. A colour code pictogram system shows you the direct evaluation of the condition of your lubricants. The report is provided via the EfficiencyManager. Our experts are available for additional expert recommendations.

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At a glance: Lubricant condition analyses with LuCA

  • Enhanced production efficiency, longer plant lifetimes and cost savings from precise data on the condition of the lubricants and prevention of over and under lubrication.
  • Basis for preventive maintenance: Laboratory analyses provide information about quality, impurities and wear of oil and grease. This prevents downtimes and the sudden failure of plant and machinery.
  • Perfect integration in the EfficiencyManager from Klüber Lubrication and your TPM service portfolio (Total Productive Maintenance): Lubricant analyses are requested and evaluated directly in the service online portal.
  • Analyses provided quickly and conveniently via special analysis kits from Klüber Lubrication and thanks to structured testing processes in our laboratories.

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