EfficiencyManager: Better overview, lower costs

Plant managers and maintenance technicians must achieve high machine availability with minimal maintenance costs, downtime, and personnel. This calls for careful monitoring of all lubrication points, scheduling timely maintenance, and detecting wear at an early stage. With the EfficiencyManager, our digital service platform. Our specialty lubricants, services, and expert knowledge are now more transparent and user-accessible than ever before: a new level of collaboration that cuts transaction costs through better mutual knowledge.

Maintenance staff under increasing pressure

Especially the food industry, chemical industry, wood panel industry and many other heavy industry producers face ever more complex manufacturing demands and product variants, and shorter timescales; this creates huge pressure to reduce transaction costs. Maintenance staff are too few and always under time pressure – yet many tasks are still organized as paper-based rather than automated and digitized to also allow processes like mobile reporting and documentation of completed tasks. Manual systems are time-consuming and prone to errors; they can cause unplanned downtime, and lack transparency. It is difficult to find information when needed, share information with colleagues, or to spot hidden trends behind apparently unrelated events. In this situation, synergy effects often stay undetected as well.

Staff in such an environment would benefit greatly from a one stop solution: a single online services platform with transparent access to all relevant information, and expert help on all lubrication-related topics available. Regulatory compliance and audit success would also be easier to achieve.

EfficiencyManager: all your maintenance and lubrication data in a single place

Our EfficiencyManager provides lubrication documentation, plus data for all equipment relevant to maintenance in one place, representing it clearly and simply. The digital maintenance platform compiles upcoming maintenance task details. It also captures completed actions and processes, while being clearly understandable for all employees concerned and aligned with legal regulations for documentation and audits. The EfficiencyManager can be used on all terminal devices, is intuitive and quickly accessible, and is constantly being extended with new features.

EfficiencyManager is a device-independent web application, meaning no installation requirements. The platform’s clear, structured documentation covers all buildings, machines, and any other relevant assets, including their lubrication points. It is customizable and adapts efficiently to your facility as we unlock only the modules relevant to your needs.

  • Transparent maintenance: It provides planning and documentation of all maintenance activities and their costs, including consumables and spare parts.
  • Access to lubricant analysis: Immediate request and access to your lubricant analysis, plus visualization and trending of results for each lube point.
  • Easy exchange of data with our experts to benefit from their knowledge and consultancy also when it comes to inspecting components like open gears.
  • Access to any kind of your individual reports like energy efficiency reports.
  • Visualization of sensors’ measured data and automatic email notification when set thresholds are exceeded.

Klüber Lubrication’s EfficiencyManager runs on a secured, EU legislation-compliant server located in Europe.

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Total Productive Management (TPM)

EfficiencyManager provides the digital interface to our Total Productive Management (TPM) compiling an integrated package of our proven services from our on-site experts and our digital platform.

At a glance: EfficiencyManager’s benefits

  • EfficiencyManager provides a new level of collaboration that cuts transaction costs through better mutual knowledge and awareness.
  • EfficiencyManager makes our specialty lubricants, services, and expert knowledge more transparent and accessible to users than ever before.
  • EfficiencyManager provides a single access point to all relevant maintenance and lubrication information and expertise.
  • EfficiencyManager modules can be selectively chosen to match your particular requirements.
  • Regulatory compliance and audit success is easier to achieve with EfficiencyManager.
  • EfficiencyManager integrates with our proven services from our on-site experts to provide a Total Productive Management solution.

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