Lubricants for cars: interior

Quality is tangible: gentle and smooth seat adjustment, low-effort controls and quiet mechanisms create a high-quality look and feel for a car. This tactile impression is often decisive for a purchase – and nowadays not only in the top-end segment. That's why Klüber Lubrication develops lubricants for the highest demands and numerous application areas in vehicle interiors – odour optimised and long-lived. They reduce the stick/slip effect and prevent noises such as creaking, squealing and flapping.

At a glance: lubricants for vehicle interiors

  • There are around 100 friction points in the interior of a car. Special lubricants from Klüber Lubrication provide effective and economical lubrication. Touch and smell are equally important.
  • Preventing noises and extending lifetime: We help designers minimise noises in the vehicle interior. At the same time, lubrication protects against wear and tear.
  • Odour optimised and agreeable: Our special lubricants for vehicle interiors feature low emissions and are free of unpleasant odours. This is confirmed by independent tests.

Designed for the highest demands

With electric powertrains and advanced engines, low-noise tyres and better sound damping, cars are getting quieter and quieter. At the same time, new materials are being used to reduce weight and increase durability. Our special lubricants help prevent noises in the vehicle interior. They protect materials, such as plastics, metals and carbon, against friction and wear.

Damping lubricants are used in many different areas: seat adjustment, armrests, cupholders, hinged doors and storage compartments in the vehicle, as well as rotary controls and buttons.  With our large portfolio of lubricants, we always offer the right solution for a wide variety of applications, such as sliding friction between two materials or rolling friction in ball bearings or steering mechanisms. We give particular attention to reliable protection during the entire lifetime of the application.

Numerous OEMs and suppliers rely on special lubricants from Klüber Lubrication to ensure perfect operation and the comfort of their customers in vehicle interiors. Our products are approved according to the specifications and test standards of numerous OEMs, including Chrysler MS 9958, Daimler DBL 6827.40, Ford WSBM1C160-D2, Ford WSD-M1C234-A2, Ford WSD-M1C244-A, Ford WSS-M99C123-A, Opel B 0400858, Opel B 0400882, Opel B 0401122, Opel B 0401138, PSA B 71 3841, Toyota TSK2521G, VW-TL 52147, VW-TL 751, VW-TL 778 A, VW-TL 778 B, TL 52521 A1, and even more.

No emissions and no odour

Today's vehicle manufacturers are consciously looking for materials that are free of harmful emissions and unpleasant odours. Klüber Lubrication supports them in this. Already in the development phase, we place high priority on minimising and optimising the odour of our oils and greases, and where possible we offer silicone-free alternatives. Extensive tests in our own lab and in cooperation with leading independent institutes ensure extremely high olfactory quality. Many of our lubricants are classified as odour-neutral according to VDA 270 and by leading manufacturers in the automotive industry. This effectively prevents negative impact of our lubricants on the climate in the vehicle interior.

Right for all materials and applications

Automotive manufacturing is evolving at a rapid pace. The transition to electrical powertrains is bringing new technologies to vehicle construction, including the interior. There it is necessary to match lubricants to new polymers in order to ensure the best possible performance. An unfavourable combination of polymer and lubricant can lead to swelling, absorption, or the formation of stress cracks.

Are you working with entirely new material combinations? With our many years of expertise in material compatibility, Klüber Lubricants can help you with selection of the ideal lubricant. Our expert team will perform custom studies and work with you to develop the right lubricants for the applications of the future.

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