Component Inspection: Extended service life and more efficiency for your components and machines

As maintenance engineer you have to exploit the service life of expensive components like big gears and chains to their limit, as every exchange creates costs for the component itself plus planned or unplanned downtime during stops and repair. With our Component Inspection service, we create the basis for lubricant changeovers at the right point of time and improved operating conditions. Thus, machines stay functional for longer and potential damage can be avoided. Based on our long-standing experience, we help minimise the cost of planned or unplanned production downtime during repair and achieve better spare part investment planning.

A perfect fit: Component Inspection, corrective actions, and specialty lubricants

Chains and steel belts in the wood panel industry are subject to extreme temperatures, as are machines and their components within areas like the cement industry, which also experience massive loads, continuous operation, and cement dust.

This can affect the condition of a range of components, such as gear tooth flanks in large gear drives; yet expensive components like chains need their lifetime extended as much as possible, minimizing production downtime and repair costs. If detected early enough, minor damage can be prevented from progressing by using the right specialty lubricant.

A solution like our Component Inspection service is needed. Components are cleaned, inspected and mechanical treatment can be added upon, if demanded. The right speciality lubricants complete the measure. Corrective actions like gear tooth flank grinding or reprofiling prolong the service life of components. For this, our partner Novexa is available. With this package, repairs can even be effected without exchanging entire components. Within the cement industry, big gears/applications can also be equipped with the monitoring system of our partner DALOG to detect any indication of component failure.

The combined benefits of our Component Inspection service, specialty lubricants and expert knowledge

Our Component Inspection Service, backed by our expert knowledge, helps to

  • prolong machine lifetime,
  • improve machine reliability,
  • maximise your component efficiency,
  • and reduce investment costs.

We aim to improve sustainability and cost efficiency by minimizing planned and unplanned downtime costs and helping achieve better spare part investment planning.

With the EfficiencyManager, our digital service platform, data like lubricant analysis results or maintenance schedules can be checked and shared easily with our experts who can provide recommendations for further actions (treatment and lubricant) as needed.

Continuous cost optimisation arises from lower maintenance costs, less downtime, and constant improvement. Efficiency is boosted, and operating costs and Total Cost of Ownership are reduced. You can also rely on our expert knowledge here.

Detailed Inspection

We use a wide range of different technologies for a comprehensive analysis: With a stroboscope, we can visually inspect open gear tooth flanks during drive operation. This is particularly effective in combination with our high-viscosity transparent lubricants which allow to detect surface damages. To find indications of flank damage or uneven load distribution, we can also perform infrared measurement of temperature distribution over the width of the gear tooth flanks; Vibration measurement of pinion bearings can indicate bearing damage and/or gear tooth flank damage.

Mixed reality solutions

With Remote Expert, we provide an additional access channel based on mixed reality when a problem must be solved immediately, or a machine is in a remote location. It draws on Klüber Lubrication’s worldwide team of lubrication experts, and connects the relevant specialists digitally to the problems on site. It also gives operators the possibility to involve additional experts (e.g. from their Headquarters) in technical audits.

Subsequent Services

One consequence of a Component Inspection might be mechanical treatment by our partner Novexa, who specializes in girth gear reprofiling with highest accuracy, or possibly an installation of the DALOG monitoring system. DALOG is an expert in remote online condition monitoring for predictive and proactive maintenance.

At a glance: why you should consider working with Klüber Lubrication

  • Components in sectors like heavy industry and the wood panel industry are subject to extreme temperatures, massive loads, continuous operation, and dust. Machine failures are extremely costly because of both the repair expenses and the loss of production time. Using our specialty lubricants during operation provides efficient production without downtime.
  • Our corrective mechanical treatment like gear tooth flank grinding or reprofiling can often eliminate the need for replacing entire components.
  • Remote Expert connects Klüber Lubrication’s specialists digitally to machines in remote locations, or where problems must be solved immediately.
  • Our service is backed by our world-wide team of specialists with expert knowledge, Novexa gear reprofiling and DALOG remote online condition monitoring.
  • We offer recommendations for further actions (treatment and lubricants).


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