Specialty lubricants for vehicles: bonded coatings

Protection against wear and corrosion, easier assembly, and long service life: numerous components in vehicle interiors benefit from bonded coatings. They form a dry, clean lubricant layer on the surface that prevents stick-slip and noise even at very low speeds. Dry lubrication can be used on numerous materials, and with bonded coatings from Klüber Lubrication it works reliably even at very high and low temperatures, for the entire component lifetime.

At a glance: bonded coatings for automotive applications

  • Dry, clean lubrication: Our bonded coatings form a continuous lubricant layer. It is dry and solid, with no possibility of dripping or washing out.
  • Lower friction and better sliding behaviour: Our bonded coatings prevent stick-slip, noise and wear. They also make assembly and disassembly of closely fitting parts easier.
  • Reliable protection and long life: Our bonded coatings provide lifetime lubrication at numerous lubrication points and on many materials, including flocked weatherstrips, locks, seals and valves – to mention just a few examples.

Protection for numerous components and applications

Whether metal, plastic or elastomer: bonded coatings from Klüber Lubrication are used in vehicle construction for lifetime lubrication of many materials. After application and curing, they form a thin lubricant layer that reduces friction and wear. This dry lubricant is firmly adhesive, so there is no risk of contamination as with oil or grease lubrication.

Our bonded coatings are specifically designed to avoid stick-slip and noise generation in the sensitive interior space of vehicles, and to enable smooth motion of locks, hinges, valves, pistons and guide rails. 

On bolted joints, bonded coatings from Klüber Lubrication ensure defined and uniform tightening torques and preload forces. They also improve run-in characteristics, either alone or in combination with oil or grease lubrication.

Economical and durable

The wide application range of our bonded coatings is a major advantage. Even at very high or very low temperatures, with exposure to media, ultraviolet light or X-rays or in a vacuum, they provide high-grade lubrication.

Once applied, bonded coatings give your components lifetime protection against wear. Along with economical application equal to that of conventional industrial paints, this results in very stable and durable lubrication. In addition to automotive technology, our bonded coatings are used in the aerospace industry, bearing technology, and precision-mechanical applications.

To enable extremely high product quality and excellent compatibility with all materials, we subject our bonded coatings to comprehensive practical tests. We cooperate closely with numerous vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, who have been using our products successfully for many years. For new applications or special solutions, our experts help you determine exactly the right bonded coating or alternative industrial lubricants.

For which application do you need the matching high-performance lubricant?

Klüber Lubrication stands for extremely high quality, reliability and innovation. We are your competent development partner for all aspects of bonded coatings and specialty lubricants for the automotive industry.

Are you looking for exactly the right bonded coating for automotive applications? Do you have questions, or do you need advice on a special solution? We are here to help you – talk with our specialists about your project!

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