Using the right lubricant in your wood-pellet mill operation can save hundreds of thousands of dollars

In the 24/7 industry of wood-pellet production, gains in efficiency, lubricant life and equipment performance are never small.

Klüber Lubrication was able to save one facility more than $200,000 a year when they switched to our field-tested grease, the Stabutherm GH 461, by increasing bearing life  and reducing the need for maintenance. In addition to increased bearing life and time between rebuilds, many Klüber Lubrication customers are able to cut their grease consumption in half with Stabutherm GH 461.

Stabutherm GH 461 grease keeps the bearings in your pellet mill performing at their best for longer periods of time. It reduces the frequency of costly rebuilds and protects you from unforeseen bearing failure.

As a result, you save significant maintenance dollars because your equipment runs more smoothly and efficiently. The specific chemistry of Stabutherm GH 461 helps keep grease in the bearing roll path longer, reducing the frequency and quantity of grease that needs to be used.

Stabutherm GH 461 was designed to protect the overstressed bearings of high-volume pellet mills. Its polyurea thickener performs well at high temperatures at high loads with high amounts of moisture. But don’t just take our word for it, Stabutherm GH 461 has been approved by Amandus Kahl, Bühler, Van Aarsen and other OEMs as a reliable grease that you can trust in your equipment.

Stabutherm GH 461 also has great pumpability in cold temperatures. This eliminates the need for drum heaters and ensure your bearings are lubricated even in the coldest temperatures.

The pellet mill is the most important piece of equipment in the wood pellet processing business.  Don’t risk your operation by wasting money on the wrong grease. Contact the wood industry experts at Klüber Lubrication and we’ll give you peace of mind, fewer shutdowns and significant bearing-maintenance savings with Stabutherm GH 461.

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