Klüber Summit PGS 100

Article-No: 050028 Synthetic gas compressor oils

Klüber Summit PGS compressor oils are based on polyalkylene glycols and special additives. In high-pressure piston compressors for natural gas or hydrocarbon process gas, mineral oils are easily absorbed into, and diluted by, the gas stream. By contrast, Klüber Summit PGS compressor oils are extremely resistant to such effects.

The extremely high viscosity index of Klüber Summit PGS compressor oils 68 …, 150 ensures good lubrication in a wide range of temperatures.

Klüber Summit PGS 100

Benefits for your application

  • For the lubrication of piston, screw-type and rotary vane compressors for natural and process gas

  • Compared with mineral oils, extremely resistant to dilution and absorption by hydrocarbon gases

  • Klüber Summit PGS-2 is ideal for heavy gases (densities > 1.5 g/cm³)

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