• Pellet pressing is one of the most important processes where the feed mash is pelletised through a wide range of temperatures from 80 ˚C to 130 ˚C and it typically consumes up to 60% of the total energy consumption. In a pellet mill, the machines are subjected to constant heat, high pressure, contaminants, and moisture. The right lubricant used is therefore important to protect the machines, prevent unplanned downtime and lower overall costs.

Specialty lubricants for animal feed industry

We offer you a selection of greases to meet your individual operative goals, such as cost reduction via longer relubrication intervals, less consumption, and food safety in this challenging environment of the animal feed production process.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Low maintenance cost with increased food safety and an improved ecological footprint
  • Reduction of lubricant cost
  • Longer maintenance intervals
  • Longer bearing life
  • Higher production efficiency

Food safety – a critical factor

Chemical contamination is always a potential risk to food safety in food production facilities. Cross contamination can take place during production, processing, storage, packaging and transportation. One of the many potential source of contaminations is the lubricants used in the machines.

NSF H1 accreditation verifies that your product is suitable to use in applications where incidental contact could occur between the lubricant and food during normal operations. Klüber Lubrication offers a broad range of high-grade NSF H1 lubricants.

In the production of animal feed, accidental contact between the product and lubricant can happen. To avoid such cross contaminations, it is recommended to use high-quality, H1 food grade lubricants.

Our high-performance food grade H1 lubricants offer many benefits:

  • Extended maintenance intervals and predictable system downtimes
  • Optimal lubrication schedules for lower lubricant consumption
  • The potential to make significant energy savings

Animal feed industry applications – optimally equipped for your every needs

Application Product Category Product Benefits & Values

Pellet presses and hammer mills


Food grade H1 greases
(High load, low speed)

Klüberfood NH1 94-402

  • Longer bearing life

  • Good load-carrying capacity

Industrial greases
(High load, low speed)

Klüberlub BE 41-401/2 BH

  • Good load-carrying capacity
  • Excellent pumpability

Centoplex GLP series

  • Multi purpose grease, ideal for substituting conventional grease

  • High base oil viscosity compared to conventional grease (200 cSt)

  • MX additives, special surface leveling functions

(various machines)


Food grade H1 gear oils

Klüberoil NH1 4 series

  • Energy savings

  • Prolonged service life and extended service intervals

Industrial gear oils

Klübersynth GEM 4 series

  • High micro pitting resistance
  • Excellent ageing and oxidation resistance

Exhausting fans and ventilators


Food grade H1 greases
(High speed, medium load)

Klübersynth UH1 14-151

  • Less maintenance due to low resistance

  • Good pumpability and metering in central lubrication system

Industrial greases
(High speed, medium load)

Klüberplex BEM 41-132

  • Longer service life

  • Low frictional resistance


1. Successful Case Study

An animal feed producer in Malaysia operates several units of pellet press machines, with high utilisation rates. These pellet pressing machines require high quantities of high performance grease for rolling bearing lubrication. Both the bearings and grease are subjected to high loads, vibration and exposure from steam.

To ensure that the bearings are protected from damages due to lubrication starvation, they are re-lubricated at regular intervals of every five hours. The bearing life in the machines was less than forty days, notwithstanding the downtime and effort required to replace the bearings when a bearing is damaged. This affects the production output and incurs high costs for each downtime incident.

Their business objective is to look for a cost effective lubrication solution to improve the overall cost, reliability and productivity of the machines.

The solution provided by Klüber Lubrication was Klüberlub BE 41-402 BH due to its ability to:

  • withstand high load of the press roll bearings
  • maintain its lubrication properties at high temperatures, up to 120 ˚C
  • protect the bearings and extend their life under the observed operating conditions and environment

Overall benefits and values:

  • The high performance grease protects the bearings from damage due to its ability to withstand high load and temperatures, in a dusty environment.
  • Longer bearing life span is achieved and resulted in lower maintenance cost.
  • Production team is able to achieve their productivity targets due to reduced unplanned downtime.

The maintenance team was very satisfied with the solution provided. Since switching to Klüberlub BE 41-402 BH, their grease consumption has reduced by 10% and the bearing life span was extended to above forty days now. This cost effective solution fulfilled their expectations in many ways.

2. Successful Case Study

One of the major player in the compound animal feed manufacturing in Malaysia purchased Klüberfood NH1 11-572, a food grade lubricant, as a trial and we took the opportunity to conduct a study to monitor the outcome.

We have concluded the study with two major benefits:

  1. Reduction in bearing temperature which resulted in the extension of bearing lifetime

  2. Reduction in grease consumption in view of a higher viscosity grease. We also noticed a smaller amount of grease dried up within a similar re-lubrication timeframe.

  • The lubrication method was by manual greasing
  • The interval of re-lubrication was once a day which is at the start of their shift

From the last trial calculations, we have achieved an estimated of 53% annual savings on lubricant consumption and a reduction of temperature of about 7 - 8 ˚C on the bearing compared to the other brand used.

Solutions for the animal feed industry

Speciality lubricants for highest demands
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