Communication of safety relevant information

Whether substances pose a threat to humans or the environment depends in many cases on the question if they are used properly. Klüber Lubrication therefore provides detailed Safety Data Sheets to inform users on the correct use of substances in accordance with REACH, CLP and GHS requirements.

Safety Data Sheets and the labelling of chemicals

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are an important element of chemical law. They contain detailed information on REACH conformity as well as the characteristics of substances. They also describe possible risks and provide hints for handling, storing and transporting the substances as well what to do in the event of a fire or leakage.

Since 1 June 2015, mixtures have had to be labelled according to CLP (Classification, Labelling and Packaging) requirements in Safety Data Sheets. This grading system is the European implementation of the "Global Harmonised System" (GHS) for the labelling of lubricants and is meant to ensure consistent handling of dangerous substances and mixtures worldwide. Under CLP, all substances and mixtures are classified into danger classes and hazard categories and labelled accordingly. To satisfy CLP requirements, the substances contained in mixtures have to be described in a different way and sometimes in more detail than previously.

Safety Data Sheets meet CLP/GHS standard

All our Safety Data Sheets for the European market comply with the requirements of REACH and CLP regulations. Users outside the European Union receive safety data sheets corresponding to the GHS standard of their own country. Furthermore, the Safety Data Sheets are regularly revised to match current legislation. We also inform users as soon as we obtain new information that might concern risk management measures for a particular lubricant.

As new findings come up regarding substances and their uses, Safety Data Sheets develop dynamically. New safety data sheet versions are a good opportunity for our customers to review the safe application of the lubricants and adjust it, if necessary.

Extended Safety Data Sheet

The CLP regulation (1272/2008/EC) stipulates that safety data sheets be supplemented by an exposure evaluation. In such "extended Safety Data Sheets" (eSDS), the exposure scenarios for all identified uses of the substances are described and measures for risk minimisation listed. So far, ECHA has not issued rules for the extended MSDS regarding mixtures, which is what most lubricants are. However, our Material Compliance Management organisation will implement any new legal requirements without delay.

Further information and interesting links

The requirements to be met by Safety Data Sheets under REACH are described in article 31 of the REACH regulation as well as in annex II.

Answers to frequently asked questions regarding Safety Data Sheets can be found here.

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