Do you have safety and health concerns when using an industrial cleaner in your production plant?

Klüberbio NA1 Z 0-001 AP is an eco-compatible industrial alkaline cleaner based on water for removing oily, greasy and sooty soiling. It is NSF A1 registered which makes it safe to be used in food and beverage industry. This eco-compatible product offers a healthier and safer option for your industrial cleaning purpose.

It is free of organic solvents and phosphates, hence it is not harmful to health and does not affect the environment.

Klüberbio NA1 Z 0-001 AP can be applied in various processes such as cleaning of machine tools, workshop floors, cleaning of construction machines, lorries, tarpaulins, cleaning of cooling devices, beverage, goods vending machines, cleaning of tiles, ceramics or natural stone.

Healthier and safer cleaning benefits

Klüberbio NA1 Z 0-001 AP offers a solution that is not harmful to human health and does not affect the environment.

Traditional industrial cleaners like diesel, caustic soda and organic solvents have an adverse effect on human health and environment in the long run, the following are some harmful effects:

  • Diesel fumes cause dizziness, drowsiness or headache even leading to lung cancer.
  • Skin exposed to diesel becomes irritated, dry and even lead to eczema (dermatitis).
  • Vapors from organic solvents damages the respiratory tract.
  • Solution containing more than 5% caustic soda causes corrosion to machines.
  • Solvent-based products are non-biodegradable and pollute the environment.

Effective cleaning performance and outcome

Residues removed with Klüberbio NA1 Z 0-001 AP

Residues removed with Klüberbio NA1 Z 0-001 AP

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