Have you ever considered what will happen if there is an unexpected downtime of your compressors? It could mean loss of production that could lead to loss of thousands of dollars. 

Compressors are the most critical and cost-intensive element in your plant and require heightened maintenance attention. With the right lubricating oil you will not only reduce wear and increase the life of individual components as well as that of your machines as a whole, but it will also boost your operational reliability and hence your profits. 

With our vast range of specialty lubricants and backed by our technical experiences, we are able to help you match the right lubricant with the right application. Each gas compressor application has its own unique set of operating parameters and issues. We offer a variety of base stocks to meet the requirements of these various systems. We offer our expertise in each of the following applications.

Klüber Summit product selection for rotary screw gas compressors

Application, gas stream Product
Light to heavy medium hydrocarbon gases Klüber Summit NGSH 68...220
Heavy medium to heavy hydrocarbon gases Klüber Summit PGS 68...220
Heavy hydrocarbon gases Klüber Summit PGS 2
Refrigeration compressor oils Klüber Summit PGI 68...150
Klüber Summit LCG compressor oils Klüber Summit LCG 68...100

Klüber Summit product selection for reciprocating gas compressors

Viscosity Product
100, 150 Klüber Summit NGP series
125, 150 Klüber Summit NGSH series
100, 150, 220 Klüber Summit NGL series
100, 125, 150 Klüber Summit DSL-XM series


Benefits of using synthetic gas compressor lubricants

  • Reduced friction leading to improved lubrication - minimum lubricant consumption
  • Resistance to gas dilution - eliminate dowstream issues
  • Optimum viscosity for all stages - eliminate cold weather flow issues

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