Article-No: 020157 Special greases for long-term lubrication and high temperatures

AMBLYGON TA 30/1 and TA 30/2 are long-term and high-temperature lubricating greases based on mineral oil and polyurea.

These lubricating greases are used for long-term lifetime lubrication in the machine-building sector covering a wide service temperature range up to 160 °C. AMBLYGON TA 30/1 and TA 30/2 offer good adhesion, resistance to hot water and diluted alkaline and acid solutions.

AMBLYGON TA 30/1 and TA 30/2 are resistant to oxidation and ageing and protect against corrosion.


Benefits for your application

  • Good resistance to ambient media, water and water steam

  • Good corrosion protection

  • Good adhesion

  • Good sealing effect

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