Klüberbio AG 39-602 scores a historical triumph

Our lubricant Klüberbio AG 39-602 is assisting a piece of the German industrial heritage: The history-steeped “Pochrad” in the “Thurmhofschacht” pit at Freiberg, Saxony, is Germany’s oldest still-functional water wheel.

It has an imposing diameter of 9.76 m. Built in 1847, the underground wheel back then set in motion a stamp mill, which crushed ore and separated it from rock. In 1879, the Pochrad was shut down and fell into a protracted slumber.

Support for a monument

Historically interested pensioners from Freiberg then in 2014 set up a working group to restore the waterwheel. Hitherto, the wheel had been lubricated with a low-viscosity oil. But in order to preserve this waterwheel, the only one surviving in its original condition, the shafts of the waterwheel needed to be lubricated with a high-viscosity oil. So in 2018 the “Thurmhofer Pochrad Working Group” got in touch with Klüber Lubrication Germany through an inquiry to the Technical Service Center (TSC). Following some detailed consultancy work, our colleagues recommended our adhesive lubricant Klüberbio AG 39-602.

Moritz Brandes of TSC explains why the product functions so well: “Not only has this lubricant proved its worth in open transmissions and on steel cables, it can also be used in slow-running anti-friction bearings. The reasons for this are firstly the calcium soap it contains, which ensures very good anti-corrosion characteristics and load-bearing capabilities. Secondly, the solid lubricants it contains help to maintain the emergency running properties in the event of a lubrication deficiency. Klüberbio AG 39-602 also possesses high water wash-out resistance. In addition, by virtue of its biodegradability, the environmental impact when coming into contact with water is low.”

Klüber Lubrication sets 15 tons in motion

Following a prior cleaning routine with a commercially available brake cleaning agent, so as to remove the residues of the old oil, since the beginning of 2019 the waterwheel has been running with Klüberbio AG 39-602. A satisfied Gerthold Thalheim, a member of the Thurmhofer Pochrad Working Group, says: “The wheel is running perceptibly more smoothly, and also more quietly. The grease consumption is very low, much lower than we had expected. And there are no unpleasant odours.” The Pochrad in Freiberg thus continues to serve as a destination for tourists and an educational sight for students.

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