How can you make your applications even more efficient and sustainable so that you are well prepared both for daily operation and for an audit or hazard analysis? We support you in this. Meet the experts live at Anuga FoodTec 2024 in Cologne. Our ingredients for a smooth process: efficiency, sustainability and reliability

Innovative solutions for the food industry: Meet us at Anuga FoodTec 2024

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Hands-on experience and illuminating talks with our experts at Anuga FoodTec 2024: This year the leading trade fair for suppliers to the food and beverage industry will be held from 19 to 22 March in Cologne. At Anuga FoodTec it's all about covering every aspect of the food and beverage production – from process and filling technology to food safety, packaging, digitalization, and intralogistics. 

We are thrilled to share information about our products and services that provide suitable solutions, while ensuring more sustainability and last but not least, helping to reduce operating costs. As experts in our field, we understand the challenges that you face and have a fitting recipe, as per our guiding motto: “Our ingredients for a smooth process: efficiency, sustainability and reliability.”

How can our products, digital services and extensive expertise achieve this? Use the opportunity and talk directly with our experts to find out more.
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Sounds interesting? Get in touch with us at Anuga FoodTec: hall 5.1, booth A-110

  • Our experts can answer your questions about your lubrication needs and show the benefits of our comprehensive service solutions regarding energy efficiency, cost savings, food safety and much more. With extensive knowledge of the challenges of lubrication solutions in the food industry, they will be able to assist you and figure out tailormade solutions.

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    We look forward to meeting you in Cologne at Anuga FoodTec in March 19 to 22 at our booth A110 in hall 5.1.

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Your partner for safe and energy-efficient lubrication solutions

Finding the right lubrication is a challenging task. Not only do you need the correct lubricants for machines, but they also must be safe for use in food manufacturing processes. When you add the urgent need for reliability, meeting sustainability goals and the necessity to reduce energy consumption during times of high energy costs, it becomes clear that food companies require an experienced partner capable of providing lubricants that meet all these essential features.

Our high-performance lubricants and accompanying services are designed to meet your needs. They empower you to address the ever-growing demands of your customers in terms of sustainability and affordability. Through dedication and expertise, we are developing precise solutions tailored to your exact requirements

Your benefits at a glance

  • Extended relubrication intervalls
  • Reduced downtime and higher productivity
  • Digital Lubricant Condition Analysis for precise predictive maintenance
  • Application devices and digital services that work perfectly together

Minimize the risk of MOSH and MOAH contamination

The right product for your application: With our comprehensive portfolio of H1 registered high performance lubricants and technical processing aids, we support you in minimizing risks of contamination by hydrocarbons (MOSH/MOAH).  Our decades-long experience with food manufacturing partners enables us to provide customers a tailor made lubrication solution that meets their needs and secure food safety.

Case study: Klüberfood 4DC-13 in use as barrier fluid in "new food" ball mill

Enhancing energy efficiency and accomplishing sustainability goals

In the food industry, the challenge is to maintain cost-effective production while adhering to legal, corporate sustainability and environmental standards. Our high-performance lubricants offer valuable support by effectively inhibiting corrosion and wear in industrial equipment. They extend lubrication intervals and reduce waste and water consumption, leading to substantial energy conservation.

These advantages, evident in the Total cost of ownership, also result in significant sustainability improvements. In the food industry, where consumers demand sustainable products, the right lubrication makes achieving sustainability goals more attainable. This demand encompasses not only the ingredients but also the production methods.

Meet our experts at Anuga FoodTec for further information

  • We look forward to meeting you in Cologne at Anuga FoodTec in March 19 to 22 at our booth A110 in hall 5.1.


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More than just lubricants: Our digital services

Our comprehensive lubrication solutions encompass more than just the products. We also provide customers with detailed information regarding lubrication conditions of their machines, thereby enhancing the reliability and sustainability of production lines.

Maintaining proper lubrication is essential for preventing failures and production losses and it assists users in determining the optimal time for changing or top up lubricants. At the same time, machines can operate more energy efficiently, thus reducing emissions and total cost of ownership. To accomplish this, we collaborate with DALOG,  a recognized expert in online condition monitoring and predictive analysis.

Application devices and lubricants that go hand in hand

Our collaboration with Graco allows us to provide operators with the right tools alongside specialty lubricants, ensuring a dependable and seamlessly functioning lubrication solution. This collaboration sets new benchmarks for ease of use, while reducing risks and fostering safer production environments. The risk of MOSH and MOAH contaminations is significantly minimized through the use of safe lubricants, specialized application equipment and digital services for monitoring oil condition.

We understand the crucial importance of dependable operations in the food industry. To mitigate the risks of production downtimes, which can lead to the destruction of entire product batches, increased costs, reduced profit margins and challenges in meeting end-user demands, our comprehensive solution addresses these concerns effectively.

Talk to our experts at Anuga FoodTec

  • Join us at Anuga FoodTec between march 19 and 22 in hall H5.1, booth A-110. We look forward to talk about your individual requirements.

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