Maintenance management using the EfficiencyManager

Where and when is relubrication required with which lubricant? For which machines can this step be done in a single go? How can we assure oils and greases for all friction points are available, while avoiding product mix-ups and cramped storage sites? With our service package for your maintenance management we give you individual answers how to make your maintenance more transparent, more efficient and less expensive. All installations, machines and components requiring maintenance in your production are shown on our straightforward service online platform EfficiencyManager to enable the management of the necessary lubrication and maintenance tasks. A database for maintenance staff, plant managers and operators facilitate high efficiency and standardised processes. Another benefit: efficient transfer of knowledge among the plant staff is enhanced. The optimal documentation of compliance supports audits. 

The following preparatory services are available for your optimal maintenance management:

KlüberMaintain services

Optimised processes according to plan

Based on this information, we create an individual plant lubrication chart for you explaining the lubrication procedure for each lubrication point. This is the starting point for optimisations such as:

  • Optimum number of different lubricants to reduce risk of mix-ups and inflated stock levels 
  • Perfect lubricant dosage for a clean surrounding
  • Optimum use of lubricants to avoid waste and contamination
  • Ideal maintenance intervals
  • Ideal application methods
  • Improvements to avoid standstills during relubrication

Furthermore, our experts create an optimisation plan and determine measures to improve your TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) processes such as maintenance, training, quality management, occupational safety, environmental, and health protection.

Optimum maintenance management with EfficiencyManager

We offer a professional software solution, EfficiencyManager, for controlling, documenting and monitoring all the lubrication processes in your production. It is a tool you can use to manage all your relevant equipment and maintenance activities, as it includes the entire plant structure as well as all maintenance components. 

Your benefits at a glance: 

  • Knowledge Protection: Capturing of maintenance practices digitally instead of in peoples' heads
  • Process reliability and transparency: Clear and structured planning and documentation of tasks
  • Audit support: Seamless documentation of performed actions and tasks
  • Customised: Consideration of all lubricants and lubrication points
  • Cost Transparency: Transparent overview and reporting of costs for maintenance tasks
  • Sustainability: Potential to reduce lubricant quantities, extend maintenance intervals and ensure long-term savings/optimisations


Use the right lubricant at the right place

Our consistent, standardised labelling system for lubrication points, containers, storage locations and application equipment to avoid lost production due to use of the wrong lubricant. Especially in the food-processing industry, we can help you comply with legal requirements, e.g. by labelling lubrication points. 

All relevant product data at your disposal through MyKlüber

All essential product information can be found in our MyKlüber App

  • Minimum shelf life, product information leaflets, material safety data sheet, FDA H1 registration, Kosher and Halal certificates… 
  • Up-to-date information available by simply scanning the QR code on every product of Klüber Lubrication 

Straightforward automation of frequent manual relubrication

Manual relubrication costs time and is always prone to error. We support you in automating the relubrication of certain applications – through consultation, design and support during the implementation of our Klübermatic systems. Our solutions encompass single-point lubrication as well as small, compact lubricant dispensers for several lubrication points. 

Benefits for you:

  • Reduce maintenance effort of your staff 
  • Lower risk of workplace accidents 
  • Reliable, clean and accurate lubrication around the clock 
  • Longer component life due to optimised lubricant supply 

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