Rolling bearings transmit forces and loads and at the same time reduce the friction associated with relative movements. They keep shafts and axles in place and make sure they can rotate freely. Thanks to their simple design principle, low friction coefficients and versatility, they offer proven service in countless applications, ranging from electric motors and small appliances to tools, machinery, vehicles and industrial and household applications. At the same time they have to meet the highest requirements such as high speeds, extreme temperatures and tough environmental conditions. Specialty lubricants for rolling bearing lubrication play a particularly important role here. Klüber Lubrication develops and produces special greases and oils which enable long maintenance intervals or lubrication over the entire lifetime of the application. They help prevent wear and bearing damage, minimise noise and reduce costs.

Precisely tailored lubricants for a multitude of applications

The requirements to be met by roller bearings are as many and varied as their applications. For design engineers it is of benefit if they can include the right lubricating grease or oil in their considerations when designing the rolling bearing. This ensures that the unit comprised of the bearing and specialty lubricant fulfils the overall conditions and that the sealing materials and surrounding media are compatible with each other.

As a development partner for industry and in close partnership with customers worldwide, Klüber Lubrication develops specialty lubricants for a multitude of applications: High-temperature and low-temperature greases for industrial applications which deliver low friction and good protection against wear at operating temperatures of -80 °C to 300 °C, high-speed lubricants like greases and oils which enable a long roller bearing service life, for example in high-speed spindle bearings in machine tools, or specialty lubricants for heavy-duty applications.

For Klüber Lubrication, sustainability, environmental compatibility and compliance with statutory requirements are particularly important. We therefore develop biodegradable lubricants for applications where contact with the environment cannot be ruled out. For the food segment and pharmaceuticals industry, too, Klüber Lubrication offers specialty lubricants. These are registered as NSF H1/H2 and therefore have approval for applications in the production, transport and packaging of food. The specialty lubricants combine compliance with the relevant industry standards with optimum smooth-running characteristics and enable the bearings to provide long-lasting service.

Innovation and service: customer focus at all times

As a lubricant manufacturer, Klüber Lubrication plays a pioneering role when it comes to new types of applications and innovative technologies. For electric and hydrogen-powered vehicles and other new mobility concepts we develop electroconductive lubricants which prevent damage from electric currents and enable a long roller bearing service life for electric motors, generators, fans and other products. For use in cleanrooms and vacuum environments we have developed suitable solutions, and low-noise lubricants from Klüber Lubrication are used wherever there is a requirement for low friction torque and noise levels.

Reliable prevention of rolling bearing downtime, damage and wear

Rolling bearing downtime is often the result of the wrong choice and use, impurities in the lubricant, excessive or insufficient lubrication. Our specialists provide customers with support worldwide on the lubricant selection of exactly the right lubricant, calculation of the grease life and the realisation of savings potential through for-life lubrication and increased energy efficiency. In addition, Klüber Lubrication is actively engaged in fundamental research and tests all tribological solutions in laboratories and on test rigs.

For special challenges such as electro-erosion, pitting or bearing damage known as white etching cracks (WEC) on wind turbines, we develop and test innovative solutions together with our customers to enable long service lives and reliability to be achieved.

Our products and services for all aspects of the grease and oil lubrication of bearings go even further: For cleaning, corrosion protection and preservation we also offer matching solutions.

For which application do you need the right high-performance lubricant?

Top quality, reliability and innovation – that is what Klüber Lubrication stands for. We are your competent partner for all aspects of reliable lubrication of rolling bearings and ball bearings with grease and oil.

Are you looking for exactly the right specialty lubricant for your ball and roller bearings? Do you have questions or do you need advice on a special solution? We will be glad to help you - talk with our specialists about your project!

At a glance: specialty lubricants for rolling bearings and ball bearings from Klüber Lubrication

  • Smooth running for life: Specialty lubricants for the longest possible service lives and reliability of rolling bearings and ball bearings.
  • Precisely tailored specialty lubricants for a multitude of applications: Lubricating greases and oils from Klüber Lubrication combine optimum performance with high load resistance and economy.
  • Innovative solutions for tribological challenges: In close contact with our customers we develop specialty lubricants for new mobility and the applications of the future. We provide comprehensive services to help you with selection and use.
  • Tested, proven and available worldwide: Klüber Lubrication specialty lubricants are put through intensive trials and testing. After certification they are available worldwide.

Here you find a product selection of all primary applications for rolling bearings

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