In metal forming processes, the right lubricant and release agent are essential performance factors. While the lubricant is very important for the forming process as such, it is also vital it will not negatively affect subsequent processes.

It is therefore important that the lubricants be easy to apply - and easy to remove once the forming operation is completed. Ideally, they should "leave no trace".

Our special products can help make your forming process more economical - be it due to lower consumption, less wear or simplified after treatment.

Which type of product to select depends largely on the individual forming process.

In cutting, punching or bending processes, solvent-based products leaving no or little residues have proven successful, while hot forming normally calls for oils containing solid lubricants (a classic: graphite).

Forming processes – longer production times with less residues

What matters most besides quality and dimensional accuracy of the finished parts are long die and tool life. Furthermore, the formation and build-up of residues should be kept to a minimum.

Our product range for forming processes encompasses oils with or without solvent, graphite oils and suspensions, innovative, water-based coatings as well as powders - all of them enabling more economical plant operation.

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