Material wear and corrosion in industrial plants can considerably impair production processes and lead to massive loss of revenue. By choosing the right lubrication, you can effectively combat such issues and sustainably optimise your production processes. The solution is high-performance speciality lubricating oils from Klüber Lubrication.

At a glance: lubricating oils from Klüber Lubrication

  • Multifaceted performance for your production: along with effective greasing, our lubricating oils allow you to minimise wear and friction, provide reliable corrosion protection, and dissolve residue deposits.
  • High performance: with Klüber lubricating oils you achieve optimal results, even with high speeds, heavy loads and high temperatures.
  • Good compatibility and stability: our lubricating oils feature very good compatibility with a wide variety of materials, as well as outstanding wetting capability and low variation in viscosity over a wide temperature range.
  • Special solutions for individual needs: from lubricating oils for a wide variety of industry sectors to enhanced energy efficiency, we provide you with the right solution to your challenge.

What are industrial-use lubricating oils?

Lubricating oils are high-performance substances that reduce mechanical friction and wear when used in suitable composition, similar to lubricating greases. From a purely chemical perspective, lubricating oils are mixtures that basically consists of two components:

  • Base oil component: This can be a base oil or a mixture of different base oils, depending on the desired characteristics.
  • Individual additives: The number and choice of additives varies, depending on the desired characteristics of the lubricating oil.

Benefits of oil lubrication

  • Minimisation of friction and wear: lubricating oils form a stable fluid film that protects the surfaces of friction bodies.
  • Removal of heat (cooling): the correct lubricating oil can easily remove the friction heat occurring in the operation of your machines. An effective lubricating oil has only a slight tendency to decomposition under thermal load, allowing sustained action.
  • Effective lubrication of poorly accessible points: lubricating oils have good flow characteristics (viscosity). This means they can also reach poorly accessible lubrication points, for example in chains.
  • Advantageous behaviour with residues: a special feature of effective lubricating oils is that they can dissolve contaminants resulting from high temperatures and heavy loads. Lubricating oils with a low inherent tendency to residue formation are optimal in such cases.

The right lubricant for your requirements

Lubricating oils provide effective and durable performance in a wide variety of applications. They are widely used in the following application areas, to list a few, and are able to offer high performance and contribute to plant profitability.

Gear units of all power classes have to deliver more power in a more compact size and at lower weight, effectively resist wear and scuffing, and withstand high gear temperatures. Higher operating temperatures have a negative effect on the life of gear units and conventional lubricants.

High-performance gear oils from Klüber Lubrication help to keep wear low and increase efficiency, thereby reducing operating and maintenance costs. They provide protection against scuffing and micropitting and provide effective support in avoiding damage to gear teeth and premature failure of the gear unit.

We also offer environmentally friendly and biodegradable oils that additionally make a valuable contribution to the sustainable operation of your processes.

Our lubricating oils are available with standard viscosities from ISO VG 32 to 1500, depending on your application, and are used in numerous industrial applications.

Breathtakingly high speeds, extreme temperature ranges from –180 to +450 degrees Celsius, and the impact of aggressive media are typical stressful conditions under which plain bearings must function reliably.

Correct lubrication of plain bearings contributes to smooth processes by increasing wear resistance, corrosion protection and performance capacity, resulting in longer life. The extensive product line of Klüber Lubrication with high-grade speciality lubricants fully meets the requirements of modern plain bearing lubrication.

Sintered metal plain bearings are widely used in electric motors and fans instead of rolling or plastic bearings. They feature very smooth running, zero maintenance or servicing, long life, and high economic efficiency.

Each of our lubricating oils for sintered bearings has its own specific advantages under various conditions, such as:

  • low self-heating at high speeds, which improves the ageing stability of the lubricant and, together with reduced start-up wear and high thermal stability, results in a longer useful bearing life
  • reliable low-temperature behaviour to prevent cold-induced creaking
  • reliable operation of micromotors with low drive power thanks to low friction torque

Selected lubricating oils for sintered bearings:

Chain drives often need to operate reliably under harsh operating conditions: wet, exposed to other media, or at high, low or varying temperatures. The lubricating oil must, among other things, be especially good at penetrating into each individual chain link and providing reliable lubrication there.

With our speciality lubricants you can increase the life of your chain, even at high temperatures, and reduce your outlay in maintenance. Our high-temperature chain and belt lubricating oils also have an outstanding ability to dissolve residues formed during the production process.

Selected lubricating oils for chains:

Compressors must withstand very high speeds, temperatures and pressures and operate reliably with minimum downtime. The energy demand for generating compressed air is also considerable.

For all types of air compressors, whether rotary vane, rotary screw or reciprocating, the oxidation and temperature stability of the lubricating oil used in the compressor plays a decisive role. Thanks to their ability to resist oxidation and withstand high temperatures, compressor oils from Klüber Lubrication effectively extend maintenance intervals, reduce costs, and enable reliable operation of air compressors. Fully synthetic compressor oils also contribute to significant reductions in energy costs.

Selected lubricating oils for air compressors:

The stability of the compressor oil concerned is decisive for pumping natural gas or process gases. Compared to mineral oils and conventional oils, our synthetic compressor oils are resistant to dilution and absorption by hydrocarbon gases. This means that the viscosity level remains stable and both wear and friction are minimised. In addition, our gas compressor oils provide especially reliable protection against corrosion by aggressive media such as hydrogen sulphide.

Selected lubricating oils for gas compressors:

Cooling is an energy-intensive process. For example, cooling compressors account for a large part of energy consumption in the food processing industry. High-performance compressor oils from Klüber Lubrication allow you to reduce your energy costs and enhance the operational reliability of your plant. Due to their significantly lower sulphur content, our cooling compressor oils do not react so strongly with refrigerants (such as ammonia). As a result, filters and moisture separators stay cleaner and heat is removed more efficiently.

Selected refrigeration compressor oils:

In the automotive industry, PFPE-based lubricating oils are essential for production and service to offer customers an optimal driving experience:

  • PFPE oils reduce irritating noises at friction points such as in dashboards, armrests or seats.
  • By reducing stick-slip effects, they make it easier to use headrests as well as controls and convenience features such as cup holders, displays or seat adjusters.
  • In addition, PFPE oils have a neutral odour and outstanding material compatibility with most commonly used plastics and elastomers.

This gives automobile manufacturers a free choice of material combinations for vehicle interiors. With our PFPE oils you can optimally fulfil rising customer demand for comfort in vehicle interiors. You additionally benefit from lower complaint costs as well as attaining protection against loss of reputation or costly rework.

Selected lubricating oils for the automotive industry:

Reducing energy costs and making production more sustainable are key concerns in the textile industry. Textile machines have very complex and delicate mechanical components and lubricating oils make a decisive contribution to boosting efficiency in production and maintenance. For example, optimal wear protection by speciality lubricating oils enable considerably longer life of stitch-forming components. In addition, our lubricating oils have good scourability, meaning you can use less detergent in your production, allowing you to reduce costs as well as minimising your impact on the environment.

We can also fulfil special requirements in the textile sector. For example, our lubricating oils are especially compatible with elastane fibres and electronic components, such as piezo elements.

Selected lubricating oils for the textile industry:

Particularly in the food processing industry and the pharmaceutical industry, the requirements on lubricating oils are especially demanding. The lubricant must not only minimise friction and wear but must also fulfil rising requirements for the safety of the produced food.

Klüber Lubrication assumes a pioneering role in this and for many years has promoted NSF H1 registration of lubricants. In addition, we can supply our customers food grade lubricants worldwide from ISO 21469 certified plants and fulfil halal and kosher standards.

Selected lubricating oils for the food processing and pharmaceutical industries:

Lubricating oils from Klüber Lubrication: efficient solutions for individual demands

If you have any questions about possible applications of our lubricating oils, we would be happy to advise you personally at any time.

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