Long-term protection under extreme conditions


Wind turbines are frequently located in extreme environments whether floating or fixed and are constantly subjected to high loads. Under these harsh conditions gearboxes and bearings face continuous and intense strain, which can have a significant impact on the reliability of the turbines. Trouble-free operation is crucial to wind plant operators, but maintenance is an arduous task and only performed when necessary. For this reason, wind power plant operators need specialty lubricants which perform reliably, protect components and provide extended maintenance intervals.

Specialty lubricants for wind turbines represent a minor investment but can bring tremendous benefits. Our flushing greases deliver up to 40 per cent less downtime in generators and we offer a universal maintenance grease that’s suitable for all bearings. Our high-performance gear oils offer a good load-carrying capacity and ageing resistance as well as low friction. Furthermore, specialty greases are available for main bearings, blade bearings, generator bearings and yaw bearings.

5 ways to improve the efficiency of your turbines.

  • The operational demands placed on modern wind turbines are extreme to say the least! Components must continue to operate in all environments, which is why lubricants for wind-turbines play a crucial role. For the smooth operation of wind-turbine power generation plants the selection of the right lubricant is critical to ensure the maintenance of components and reliability of your wind farm.

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Wind energy production costs are a key performance indicator

A key performance indicator of the wind energy industry is the so-called LCoE (Levelized Cost of Electricity). It represents the unit-cost of electricity today, considering the full life of the asset. Moreover, it is the basis for the decision to invest or not in a wind farm. The lower the LCoE, the cheaper wind power is compared to fossil energy. Successfully reducing LCoE depends not on manufacturing cheap turbines, but on creating larger turbines with much higher performance. Advanced-technology lubricants can help massive bearings to work reliably with the same precision as the small bearings in an electric motor – contributing to making wind energy more competitive.

Increasing wind turbine lifetime is critical

Many turbines complete 20 years or more of service life. Operators could benefit considerably in both continued availability and reduced capital costs if they could run these turbines for another 10 years. Klüber Lubrication specialty lubricants can facilitate this by doubling lubricant lifetime.

Service intervals can also be performed yearly rather than every six months. This halves the number of technicians and site visits required for maintenance, while improving turbine uptime – a particularly valuable benefit for offshore wind farms.

You can find more information about reducing energy production costs and increasing turbine lifetime here.

High-performance gear oils for enclosed gears under extreme loads

As wind turbines grow ever larger, their gears are subjected to higher stresses. This can challenge conventional oils’ ability to provide fretting wear protection for ball bearings, resist the formation of micropitting, foam and residues, and ensure viscosity stability.

In response, Klüber Lubrication has developed a very comprehensive portfolio of high-performance gear oils to accommodate high loads in wind turbine gears. It enables long oil change intervals, has lower power losses and provides higher plant yield – by up to several thousand euros over the service life of a wind turbine. It offers excellent antifoaming characteristics and protection against micropitting. It also contains no additives that might promote residue formation; only those that protect against micropitting, scuffing and white etching cracks (WECs). Due to its high shear stability, the product’s viscosity remains consistent.

Our innovation: A single grease for all bearings

Wind power plant operators may have inventory issues as many bearing manufacturers recommend different lubricants for each bearing. We developed Klüberplex BEM 41-141, a single lubricating grease for the main, generator, yaw and blade bearings, which outperformed all the other greases compared in standardised tests. This greatly simplifies lubricant purchasing, transport logistics and storage. 

Klüberplex BEM 41-141 meets, and even exceeds, today’s requirements of bearing and wind turbine OEMs and operators. It has excellent false brinelling behaviour for wind turbine applications. The lubricant’s wide service temperature range, its good pumpability and precise metering in centralised lubricating systems as well as good grease distribution and oil release ensure trouble-free operation of the wind power plant.

Bearing flushing and cleaning without loss of uptime

Bearings in wind turbines can start to accumulate hard deposits and run hot; this usually means taking the generator offline for dismantling and repair, incurring downtime costs.

Our flushing greases allow bearings to be cleaned during operation, by removing residues while also providing effective lubrication and good protection against fretting wear and corrosion. Bearing life is extended while maintenance downtime is reduced.

Identifying the lubrication issues of tomorrow

Klüber Lubrication performs high-quality analyses of both oils and greases for wind applications. We can analyse a customer’s lubricants and advise on contaminants and evidence of bearing wear. We can advise on optimum lubricant quantities, lubrication intervals and lubrication methods. This helps our customers to minimise maintenance costs, especially by detecting potential damage before it occurs.

Our service is particularly valuable because of our extensive experience with wind farm applications, and accuracy in interpreting results.

Specialty lubricants help reduce transport costs and emissions

Both the demand for energy and the wind resources are distributed around the globe. Therefore, low-emission logistics opens up further potential for wind energy. Klüber Lubrication products, manufactured in many countries around the world, comply with local legislation and help you to save transport costs and CO2 emissions.

Committed to a sustainable use of resources

We are a member of the UN Global Compact, the worldwide biggest corporate initiative for sustainability. Rather than limiting ourselves to resource-saving production as well as environmental and occupational safety, we strive to maximise our products’ sustainability across both our own and our customers' sites.

Our environmentally-friendly strategy is complemented by our biodegradable products, which exceed current environmental legislation.

Stay competitive

As a global market leader for wind turbine lubricants, we lubricate the major share of the world’s wind turbines, and could find an optimum solution for you, too.

By using our wind turbine lubricants, you will not only succeed in reducing LCoE of wind energy, but you will also stay competitive with other energy carriers.

Klüber Lubrication stands for extremely high quality, reliability and innovation. Our special lubricants help to boost productivity and cost-effectiveness and to reduce downtime. Use our expertise, and learn how to increase your wind turbine efficiency!

Are you looking for the right lubricant for your system, or for a long-term partner for optimisation of your lubrication processes – or do you have questions, or do you need advice on a speciality solution? We are here to help you – talk with our experts about your project!

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Higher efficiency and longer service life, with high-quality lubricants offering high load-carrying capacity and thermal stability for reduced wear.
  • Significantly lower operating costs and downtime; our flushing greases reduce service effort and maximise availability.
  • Extended maintenance intervals and relubrication cycles, thanks to the specialty lubricants’ wear protection and its power reserves.
  • Lubricant analysis laboratory: Extensively equipped, and with considerable expertise in interpreting results.
  • Globally manufactured: With wind lubricants being produced in seven different Klüber Lubrication sites worldwide, products are available with short delivery routes, lower transportation costs, and reduced emissions.
  • Simplified logistics: Our univeral grease can be used for all maintenance purposes, simplifying warehousing and transportation.
  • Improved sustainability: Environmentally-friendly lubricants which are future-proof by exceeding current environmental legislation.
  • Increased safety: No leakage minimises danger of slipping for service staff working at great height.
  • Full compliance: All products fulfil local compliance regulations.

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