Specialty lubricants for vehicles: plug-in connectors, switches and sensors

Alternative drive systems, cameras and sensors everywhere, digital cockpits and onboard entertainment: more and more applications in modern vehicles rely on plug-in connections. Electrical connectors, switches and sensors are exposed to strong vibrations, frequent temperature changes and a large number of plug / unplug cycles. For these applications, Klüber Lubrication develops specialty lubricants that ensure reliable contact, even under harsh environmental conditions, and provide protection against wear and corrosion over the entire lifetime of the vehicle.

At a glance: specialty lubricants for plug-in connectors, switches and sensors

  • High protection and low resistance: specialty lubricants prevent fretting, adhesive wear and chemical changes to contacts. They provide arc damping and keep contact resistance persistently low.
  • More plug / unplug cycles and longer functional capability can be achieved by lubricating contacts. Automotive industrial lubricants also make assembly easier and improve the feel of switches.
  • Easy application: Fully automatic spray application makes our specialty lubricants economical and cost-effective. Quality control is simplified by UV markers.

Developed for a wide variety of applications

Specialty lubricants from Klüber Lubrication protect automotive switches, contacts and sensors against wear resulting from vibration and frequent plug / unplug operations. These lubricating fluids and greases contain specially made additives. They preserve the conductivity of the contact surfaces and ensure low contact resistance.

Decomposition of these industrial lubricants only results in gaseous residues – they literally evaporate into the air. This reduces contact erosion and increases service life. The lubricants also have higher dielectric strength than air, which helps to additionally reduce arcing. Specialty lubricants from Klüber Lubrication simplify the assembly of electrical connectors. As users, vehicle drivers benefit from better switch feel during the entire lifetime.

Successfully tested and proven in practice

Our product development focuses on high user benefits. As a result, manufacturers around the world use specialty lubricants from Klüber Lubrication for their automotive applications, and many OEMs recommend Klüber Lubrication products for their components. Our products stand for extremely high quality, compatibility and long life.

We test the quality of our products on a regular basis on more than 110 specific test rigs. These include a test bench that simulates micromotions to measure fretting behaviour and changes in electrical resistance over the product lifetime. Using comprehensive tests, we also determine exactly the right lubricant for your application.

The transition to alternative drive systems and new mobility concepts is setting new requirements for lubricants. For this we develop suitable solutions in close cooperation with manufacturers and research institutions.

For which application do you need the right high-performance lubricant?

Klüber Lubrication stands for extremely high quality, reliability and innovation. We are your competent development partner for all aspects of specialty lubricants for the automotive industry.

Are you looking for exactly the right high-performance lubricant for automotive plug-in connectors? Do you have questions, or do you need advice on a special solution? We are here to help you – talk with our specialists about your project!

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