Lube Condition Analysis: KlüberMonitor

How do you ensure lubricant monitoring in your plant for the safety of your machines and installations? KlüberMonitor provides support for your regular and continuous monitoring processes of both lubrication state and lubricant condition of tribological systems such as bearings, chains, compressors or gears.

KlüberMonitor – Expert advice based on analyses

Based on their experience, our specialists analyse your lubricants and components lubricated with oils or gresases to find out if the lubricant can continue to be used or if contamination has impaired lubrication. The results delivers a quick overview in the form of informative test reports based on the analyses and observations of lubrication points by our experts.

Our tribology experts also undertake trend analyses of your lubrication points, simulating the lubricant behaviour in the lubrication point by means of bench tests.  In our comprehensive testing we can examine how the lubricant behaves in extreme situations without putting your machines or processes at risk. Thus we offer you professional surface and material analyses as well as comprehensive recommendations for optimising your tribological systems.

KlüberMonitor – your savings

We developed the digital EfficiencyManager in order to show your cost savings and enable best practices to be efficiently rolled out across departments and remote locations. The programme displays and combines the savings generated with a preventive maintenance management system.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Efficient production: optimises your production capacities while reducing the risk of unplanned downtime
  • Cost-efficiency: reduces maintenance costs of your machines and maximises lubricant lifetime
  • Customised: individualised recommendations for optimising your tribosystem
  • Sustainable: long-term productivity thanks to continuous monitoring and advice

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