As the world's leading specialist in high-performance lubricants and lubrication systems, we are open to world-class suppliers who share our standards of quality, sustainability, and innovation. Our suppliers play a critical role in our efforts to provide the highest-quality lubrication solutions and services to our customers. This overview is intended to give you an insight into our expectations and requirements of our suppliers.

Our philosophy: partnership and quality

At Klüber Lubrication, we value the importance of long-term partnerships. We believe that only close cooperation with our suppliers can ensure first-class products and services. Quality is our top priority, and we expect our suppliers to meet the highest standards of quality and reliability.

Our expectations of suppliers

To become a supplier to Klüber Lubrication, certain criteria must be met. We are looking for suppliers who:

- Offer quality: We expect top quality products and services that meet our high standards.

- Are reliable: On-time delivery and continuous availability are critical to our supply chain.

- Operating sustainably: Environmental and social responsibility is important to us.

- Drive innovation: We value suppliers who continuously seek innovative solutions to achieve our common goals.

How to become a Klüber Lubrication supplier

To become a Klüber Lubrication supplier, you must meet our strict requirements in the areas of quality, environmental protection, ethics, and innovation. We place great emphasis on sustainability and social responsibility and expect our suppliers to implement these principles in their business activities.

If you believe that your company meets the requirements and values of Klüber Lubrication and you are interested in becoming our supplier, we invite you to apply. Please visit our Supplier Portal page for more information and details of the application process.

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