Operating at the limits of the possible, Klüber Lubrication collaborates with the suppliers of original equipment (OEMs) in the textile industry. Thanks to this cooperation, substantial improvements have been achieved in the service life and efficiency of textile manufacturing equipment along with a significant reduction in maintenance needs. The result: higher productivity and a lower consumption of valuable resources. As your competent industrial textiles partner, our Technical Sales engineers ensure your competitiveness as a textile producer.

  • Overview: products and lubrication points for applications in textile production

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At a glance: lubrication support for the textile industry from Klüber Lubrication

  • Speciality lubricants tailored to your requirements: from spinning to finishing - we offer you solutions that best match the specific lubrication needs of each component. Your requirements form the basis for selecting the right lubricant.
  • Ongoing service to ensure optimal results: the specific requirements of the textile industry are the benchmark for us to develop and test speciality lubricants. Our experts have over 100 test facilities at their disposal, a capability that is unique in the world of industrial lubrication.
  • Innovative services: in addition to our speciality lubricants we can offer you advanced services. These range from energy measurements to increase sustainability and profitability, to automatic lubricant dispensers and many more.

What are the challenges facing the textile industry?

Changing atmospheric humidity, temperature fluctuations and high loads are just some of the challenges affecting textile production. At the same time, the textile industry wants to act in a sustainable manner in order to live up to its own entrepreneurial responsibility and protect the environment. Lubricants designed for the needs of the textile industry made by Klüber Lubrication contribute to compliance with these requirements, delivering increased productivity that forms part of the sustainability improvement plan at the customer.

Where are lubricants in use in the textile industry?

We see lubricants as a fundamental design element of textile machines. They have to match the individual component requirements to ensure optimal performance is achieved as efficiently as possible. With our speciality lubricants we can cover the entire production process in the textile industry, including:

  • Spinning machines: excellent corrosion protection for bearings, spinning turbines, opening rollers, spinning pumps, and spinnerets
  • Knitting machines: long service life with minimum maintenance requirements for needles and sinkers, slide rails and guide bars
  • Weaving machines: longer intervals between maintenance operations due to minimum-quantity lubrication for gears, gripper looms and chains
  • Finishing machines: resistance to water, steam, acidic and alkaline solutions for steamers, rolling bearings, compensators and rollers
  • Stenter frames: less residue due to high separating effect on conveyor chains, adjustment spindles, needle bars and clips

Increasing productivity by 150 percent with lubricants for the textile industry

With the goal of making a significant contribution to sustainability in textile production, Klüber Lubrication developed a synthetic gear oil with properties matched to a textile machine’s requirements. Our synthetic gear oil increased productivity by 150 percent and, as a result, maintenance intervals were extended from 8,000 to 20,000 hours. The result:

  • a considerably lower consumption of natural resources
  • efficient and reduced amount of material used
  • less waste
  • increased occupational safety due to lower lubricant consumption
  • higher cost effectiveness for the operator

By using the optimal lubricant for the task, sustainability and performance can go hand in hand.

Improve sustainability in textile production with Klüber Lubrication

Improving efficiency and extending machine service life all contribute to the sustainability goals of the textile industry. For more than 90 years we have been researching and developing effective and reliable lubrication solutions for industrial applications that help our customers meet their sustainability requirements.

Regardless of the challenges you face in your textile production facility, we endeavour to find the optimal solution for your needs with our KlüberEfficiencySupport program, a service concept that helps you reduce costs, consumption, and production loss in your production facilities. This may result in the recommendation of suitable standard products or, alternatively, products prepared according to your individual requirements. If you have any questions about how our lubricant might help, we would be happy to advise you personally at any time.

Your benefits:

  • Longer service intervals
  • Reduced downtime and higher productivity
  • Lower risk of contact between the yarn or fabric and the lubricant
  • Support from our experts all over the world

Here you find a product selection of all sub segments for the textile industry

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