Listing in national chemical inventories

Speciality lubricants made by Klüber Lubrication can be obtained worldwide. The export of lubricants to various countries requires that they be registered in their national chemicals inventory lists.

 Listing in national chemical inventories

Chemical substances on their own or as part of preparations may only be exported if they have been permitted for national import through registration in a country's inventory list and are not subjected to import, volume or application restrictions.

All products made by Klüber Lubrication therefore undergo close inspection and are in compliance with country-specific laws. Rigorous controls make sure all of our products and their components are permitted. Registration with the national inventory lists of the importing countries as well as raw material inspections and supplier audits safeguard the constant availability of Klüber Lubrication lubricants worldwide and their permission for unrestricted use.

Knowledge of international chemical law and the pertinent inventory lists of all importing countries is the safeguard of unobstructed international export of Klüber Lubrication products. All listed products reliably meet the required country-specific regulations and requirements.

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